I Have Dyscalculia.

Also known as a math disability. I've always had problems with simple math or even division or my times tables. I can't subtract big numbers like 283 - 842 It just doesn't click. I have to write it down or use a calculator to get the answer. Do you have a disability like this? So far I am the only one in my area. Most people made fun of me because of this. But I am still trying to learn and remember the times tables and such :)

I don't know with I have any other learning disabilities.
RiuChan RiuChan
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Most of the learning disabilities you hear about relating to language and not so much to math or science. I have a learning disability relating to math and science but was able to overcome it so I can do basic math but forget about algebra (barely got thru it with C's) or other higher level math. Forget about trying to do a math problem either. Don't get it or understand it. The only way I learned basic math was doing the rote method (memorizing things). My grandmother and my second grade teacher were the ones who realized that I never would learn basic math the normal way so this is what they tried and it worked. Some people learn things different ways. I was lucky when I was in second grade and my teacher realized that I had a problem with this. My teacher spoke with my mother and grandmother about this and tried to see if anyway could be done to learn basic math. It worked.

Sadly when I went to school (back in the 1970's) kids that had these problems were labeled stupid or dumb but nothing was done to help them for the most part.

Hello RiuChan, many children and adults have dyscalculia. Roughly the same number as dyslexia. The brain of people with dyscalculia functions a bit differently, but the good thing is that there is plasticity ie. you can 'rewire' your brain by training. There is good information and help on the web.Try the BBC SkillsWise website for stories and examples how to minimize the effects of dyscalculia. The DyslexiaServices.com website is an easy read for general information and links about Math and Dyscalculia.