I was born to a Christian family. I was born in 1986. I am twenty eight years old. Well I was born on the west side of the United States. I am used to the red neck kids and family. People made fun of my accent. I am used to the head banging boys that go to concerts to smoke illegal things there. I am used to partiers abd druggies that we used to hang out with. I am used to nosh pits. I took a trip to see my boyfriend. He lives on the east part of the United States. East side people are not use to head bangers. When I was four years, my mom took me to a knowledge test. I had a learning disability. I was in a resource room all through my school years. I had trouble with math and English. My brother was good at math, so he helped me with math. I was never good with numbers. I had to go to speech class because I was not good with my A's. I never wanted to go school because the children teased me the way I looked and they teased me the way I talked too. The children would not stop. In fifth grade, they would make fun of me because we were watching a movie about this guy that was getting a glass eye and they said that is like you because you have a learning disability. They talked about how I talked. The teasing and harassing would not stop at school, so I would make excuses not to go to school. They would write stuff on my hand and laugh at me because it was a sick joke to them in middle school. In high school it got worse for me. They would make fun of me. I was dating a guy and they found out stuff and teased me about it because they knew I was a goody to shoes. They would be embarrass me in high school because they found out stuff about me. I wanted to kill myself when I was ten years old because my mom and I were not getting a long and I wanted to kill myself, when I was with my abusive boyfriend too. The end.
pretty1986 pretty1986
31-35, F
Aug 24, 2014