It's Frustrating

numbers, numbers,numbers.ihate numbers i dislike math. I can solve math problems in class but a soon as classs is over everything that i had just learned somehow dissolves away from my brain. It upsets me when people tell me "you dont know how to multiply" it's like really i told you im not good with numbers.
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2 Responses Sep 11, 2012

I had a tutor once I drove insane because I'd learn all the steps he asked me if I got it I'd say yea because I did then he told me to show him my mind goes blank and he'd have to start over, good times /scarcasm

did I mention this went on for a week?

Oh god i used to hate math too , it's really frustrating , i am a 23 year old collage graduate and i forgot how to multiply , i get lost when counting money , and i still use my fingers to help me count like 4 year old kids , lol .. So you can't be that bad ... Cheer up there are worse cases ... There's me :D