******* Off The Tv Workout Shows

Back in the day workout shows were all the rage. I had a huge fetish for wearing leotards tights leg warmers ect. I would set my video and record my fav shows. Body electric was one of my favs. The gurls in the class all wore outfits that really turned me own. One older girl wore this bright yellow unitard with a black dance brief thong and matching thigh black leg warmers. I love dto freeze frame her pic and jerk off to her dreaming i had that outfit.

thanks mical
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When I was a teenager I got a fetish for tights and leotards.They felt so good on,I would get excited when wearing them.You liked to watch the girls on TV and ******* off,well I got hooked on girls fashion magazines.I would get a Seventeen magazine,put on my girls clothes,look through the magazine at all the pretty clothes and then I would **********.It felt so good,I was so excite.

i was wondering if you still had any old seventeen and glamour mags from the 80s
thanks mical

And I thought I was alone, wearing sister's leotards and tights when I could, watching exercise shows when I could. And in between even the JC Penny catalog had some sexy models in leotards and tights I would not have minded being dressed in myself.

I still watch 20 Minute Workout all the time...Bess Motta is the reason I wear leotards and tights to this day.

Everybody should check out a show called fitness corner on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIkjXTLKFv0&feature=youtube_gdata_player

Fitness beach and Kiana's Flex appeal were good ones too

Wow, sounds like there were lots of us doing the same thing.
Was it Denise Austin who had that voice that sounded like she was smoking a pack of cigarettes during the commercials?

I remember those days. Now I have EP and the internet.

20 min workout was my favorite after school jerk off show. good times !!

I used to do the same thing. I used to watch bodyshaping all the time and look at this girl Jennifer Dempster and jerk off to her and wishing I was her at the same time. I used to dress up in my Mom' leotards too and do aerobics to her Jane Fonda tapes

I loved watching an 80s show the 20 minute workout. Used to get so horny watching the women bounce around in spandex and tights

Also I loved ******* off to the women on the old price is right as they always wore short dresses and skirts with pantyhose

What else would you like to jerk off toward??