Oh Mak!

My sister is 17 and she's at her last year in high school and I just found out that she was a lesbian the start of this year. I was confused and conflicted, me being a preteen I obviously don't know enough to understand this whole concept but I'll stand by her no matter what our mother can get pissed all she wants she's crazy, her ex boyfriend was a sweet heart he loved her for 3 years straight and then she broke up with him for her and I don't mind her at all but her personality needs a bit of tweaking and maybe I'll accept her fully. Her ex boyfriend is my friends older brother, my boyfriends friend , family friend everything is so confusing and all over the place!!!! She had her formal recently and she brought her exboyfriend and boy was it awkward !!! And then 'she' was there and my mum was there ...hell almost broke lose!!!! :(
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Teenage years are so confusing. She will be okay. In time she will find who she wants to be and how to treat others. Just have fun with your friends. She's just confused right now. Best to just watch and not get involved. Try to learn from her mistakes.