A Letter For Aly

hi aly..

i knew someone once --maybe she was crazy but very young--she wrote a letter and hidden it above a small office so she would find it after years..Though she never did that this girl remembers few words she wrote.She wrote ''i ll make my dreams true and noone will stop me.I ll find this letter after years and put my signature coz this letter is mine and know my dreams'''.She made a list but i dont remember everything that girl wrote..

Anyone that girl..wants to write a letter to u..

Dear sis,

ppl can feel sad or scared but it doesnt mean there arent ppl who love u.There are even angels -and u know that- that watch over us.Sometimes ppl push others coz they are afraid to get close to others-as u avatar sais- but thats a lie.You know u already have ppl in ur heart and u love them so much too.Bad things happen but also good.In those good u have good friends too.You have ur writing too-u write so well.You have ep,a place that u love.Ppl feel easily sad or alone but life is like that.We need to try stand on our feet and believe it be ok. Yeah sometimes we need a reassurance from ppl that they will always b near us coz we are afraid.Yeah we arent perfect.But what i know is u are good.You dont have to proof me anything,u are good and i care for u.I wish u be happy.I wish when u fall u always stand up.I may not always have words to tell u but i want u to know i ll always try b there for u.You have many friends that love u.Smile..you know a smile is good.Say ''tomorrow will b better''.

i love u.


I hope this letter find its way to ur heart♥ 

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very well put amy.. aly is lucky to have you ^^,

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