Free Books ....oh Yeah!!!!!

I remember being as young as 8-9 going to the library every two weeks.  I took great pride in being able to read just about any book I wanted.  I fancied the Sweet Valley High books...(anyone remember those?).  At our local library there were book clubs that didn't necessarily focus on which books you read but how many.  I can recall how proud I was having the highest number of book read  (a couple of weeks in a row).  My name was placed on the bulletin board. 

This feeling obviously stayed with me and could be my motivation in introducing my own children to the library.  My sweethearts  (children, ages 6 & 7) have their own library cards.  When its time to check out their books, I hand them their cards and let them enjoy the power of possessing it.  "Anything you want to know can be read in a book at the library.", I tell them.

This past week my daughter was in search of books about the skeletal frame,  muscles, and nervous system (she's the 6 year old).  My son was looking for books about sharks.


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4 Responses Mar 24, 2009

oh wow now you're jogging a memory for me. I forgot all about those books.

What about the Babysitter Club Books, (I'm so young) but I also read the Sweet Valley High Books. I wanted to be like them so much!

They were the huh Emerald? I think I must have read every one.

I LOVED the Sweet VAlley Twin books! From their grade school years into the high school years!