And It Is Not So Bad......

  • I have a great job :-) at the local hospital. It is nicknamed the Big G amongst my co-workers, but President Obama has called it by its real name, Geisinger Medical Center
  • I have 2 children. Cameron who is 12, and Colby who is 9. While they are my pride and joy they are also a bit of a challenge at times.
  • I have 2 dogs: Winchester, a male 2 year old Chesapeake bay retriever and Chola, a 1 year old female Pit bull.
  • I have 1 cat. Bubba was adopted after we lost our cat Prince in a tragic accident. Bubba is 8 months old and PSYCHO!!!
  • I have a twin brother, an older sister and Brother and 2 great parents.
  • I have a few close friends
  • Eric. He will soon be my husband. We met here on EP. And while that is cute and all, we have more than just an e-romance.

Our lives, while quite opposite from each other, both brought us here to EP. And while we used EP to learn about ourselves and eventually each other....we grew above and beyond what had begun our journey here to a real life outside of the desks we sat in for many weeks......looking at the computer screen and making a connection somehow to one another. Our life has up and downs and struggles as well as triumphs. But the best thing that we have REAL! It is not a relationship based on e-moods and e-gestures. We have kissed :-) and made love countless times and without a keyboard between us.

I do have a life outside of this place :-) and while this may have been the will not be the end! Watch as the continuation unfolds.....
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Best wishes to you and your loved ones. :)

Thanks Mewold :-)

KylieGirl has it so right. Enjoy EP and have fun. But there is a life out there and we need only to be open to it. This life has been a great ride, but I am not done yet.I am soo happy for you guys. It is wonderful to share life with someone you love.

LOL I am a twin and we are nothing alike! And my Winchester? Marji you may visit him and us whenever :-) but he is my snuggle buddy that keeps me warm when Eric is away. I can't let you have him........*hugs*

LOL we will do our best my friend!!! And of course post the pictures :-)

Agreed! Life is pretty good outside of this window I sit next to as I type :-)

Awww well nice to meet you mouse :-) and thank you very much

JUST KIDDING. I am very happy for you guy.

You guys are great! Oh, can I watch? I'm old. I won't get in the way.

awwwwwwwww! YAY hugs you and Eric! HUG HUG HUG HUG HUG HUG

Bright it is and I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tell 'em how I rock that bed woman! Hehehe....This is why I asked you to let me film it. =P Kidding of course. <br />
<br />
Meeting here was nice, but the fact that we have lived together, vacationed together, split up a time or two and kept coming back for more tells a greater tale. It indicates that we are as real as can be, and have a bright future ahead. =)