Somedays I Can't Shut Up

Some days  I can't shut up.  Those are the days I tell stories I shouldn't.  I'll hit that submit button and then move on, followed by a minor panic attack.  I hurry to delete it but it's too late, because someone read it and left a comment. It turns out to be positive words.  Thank God.

Some days I might write a story or two, check out my friends stories and take a peak at their top page or two, or three, alright...all of them.  Looking for new stories to add.  I was so uncomfortable when I first started looking.  Respecting others privacy had been ingrain in me.  It's still hard to look when their there.

Then I have days I just don't want to because of my attitude, mood or experience writers block.

Then I have days I'm all talked out.  How many stories could I share.  I've broken through so many walls since I've been here.  I feel like I'm at my limit again.


WarriorMom WarriorMom
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8 Responses Dec 6, 2008

why yes mam i am- thanks!!

aren't you glad afterwards tho?

i do the same thing. sometimes i need to shut up and i dont!

That's such a beautiful picture. It touched my heart.

Likewise Sweetie, but I checked a couple days ago and it's been a while for you.........

I will. Thanks Sweetheart. (I don't know lol)

It's been the best therapy I've had.

I'm the same. When I'm on EP with you friends ... there's time I just can't shut up.<br />
<br />
Not that way elsewhere. Mostly, very quiet. Wallflower, that's me.