10 Things I'd Like To Do....

I watched The Bucket List a while back, and remember thinking, 'well, there are some things I'd LIKE to put on a list like that, but....'     EP gives us just the place for an 'adult' bucket list :)

My wife is my major fantasy object, so unless noted, she's with me in these things


 1)  Go to an Adult Costume party, where everyone HAS to wear a mask, but everything else is optional.

 2)  Spend a weekend at an 'Adult hotel', not a 'clothing optional resort', but a place where sexual activity is expected and accommodated.

 3)  Spend a week at a clothing optional resort in the Caribbean.

 4)  Spend a day on a boat on the ocean, with friends, naked.

 5)  Have a friend who didn't mind if I touched & petted her occasionally, no sex, just being 'friendly'

 6)  Spend an evening watching adult movies with another couple (friends)

 7)  Have sex (with wife) in an adult theater

 8)  Watch wife have a conversation with an random guy on a nude beach (more then 'hi how are ya ')

 9)  Get caught ******* off on a (mostly) deserted beach, by a woman I've never see, and her offer to 'help me finish'

10) Go out to eat at a restaurant where my wife can wear a see through top



I'm sure if my wife put in her list,  it would be quite different, but hey... :)

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1 Response Feb 15, 2010

awesome list!! I've done #3,8,and 10, and like the other ones, too! Let us know if you accomplish any more. I recommend Hidden Beach resort near Tulum, Mexico for a really nice,relaxed,naked time. For a more sexually charged atmosphere, I hear Desire,near Cancun, is good.