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Hi, my name is Amber. I have marfans syndrome. I inherited it from my father. He got it from his mom. i'm a twin. So it was 50/50 that one of us would get it. I was the one that ended up with it. I'm 24 years old and just wantto talk to people thats just like me. I have had two head surgrys and in 06 had my atortic root relpaced. I have had some guys that ran away from me when I told them what was wronge with me. I go to prymary childerens hospital to see my heart doctor. I live in the great state of utah. I like to enjoy life no matter what happens to me. It just makes me a better person in the long run.
          I'm also in to guys. I have a guy that is in the navy that I have been talking to for over a year.
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Hellow Amber. Please excuse my ignoranse, but wht is Marfans syndrome? It sounds like it must be a hard thing to deal with, and my prayers go out to you. I don't know about your condition, but would love to chat and lend you my supprt. I am in Colorado so at least we would be in the same time zone.

Nicely penned....:)

Hey Amber, <br />
Wow, you are definitely a strong women! I would love to chat. I can relate through guys, because mine to is in the military as well. We have known each other for about 7 years, and been dating for 1 year. We both live in different states, because I am finishing my bachelors in one and he is stationed in another so I totally understand distance. I can also relate a little with health issues. I was diagnosed about a year ago with Gastroparesis. It is not exactly a very common disease but definitely a pain to live with. This health problem I have been struggling with because no one can find a way to stabilize it and for the past couple month I have felt like nothing more then a lab rat because they have decided to just try random meds to see what will work. My health is also the reason I have to stay where I live because it is where my doctors are as well.<br />
So anyways I would love chat. I definitely understand distance, illnesses, and the difficulty in trying to keep a relationship strong through all the bumps in the road :) It is possible just hard! Hope to hear from you!