Well Its My Decision

Mph how should i start this... well im 17 years old and im a senior in high school all my life i was raised in a Pentecostal church but for awhile my mother and i weren't really into it until a few years ago, anyway i did my best to be right and do good in following the bible but there was always a battle inside of me for the things i wanted but weren't allowed to do and i mean anything , if i want to take a random trip to Europe id have to pray and ask God about it first that drove me crazy and eventually i fell in love with a boy who showed me life on the wild side wasn't so bad so i started to rebel against what i was taught for a little taste of the freedom i never really had, although my views are different now i still respect their beliefs and all beliefs really i hold nothing against anybody but it is my life and i have the free will to make a choice so for now i choose to live a little!! :)
Kiundrammhmm Kiundrammhmm
18-21, F
Dec 4, 2012