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So I graduated high school at 17 really I was thrilled. I went to a pencostal school and I absolutely hated it with all my might. There was judgemental Christians and wouldn't like you if you knew them since they were little. It was probably one of the racists and most judgementalists schools I ever went to. I'm surprised my parents didn't believe anything I said because the kids their were "Christians" all their life when I've always been an atheists and always told the truth. Until, I went to this school I had to become "Christian" to be "accepted so I didn't burn in "hell". Anyways, after I graduated I became not an alcoholic but I sure did drink alot. There was this lake called millerton lake in cali and my friends and I used to go there to get wasted. We would always get so drunk we would go skinny dipping and start being fools. I mean there was 20 of us I can't tell you how many times how many people got mad at us and left because of our nudity. They would say something we would get out of the water and moon them. It was hilarious at the time. I've never done drugs or smoked at that age, I started smoking when I met my husband but stopped immediately it was disgusting. Probably one good quality I had was being so freaking sexy nude. When we would drive home we would be sober by this time. We would flash prisoners that were on their way to put out a wild fire in the North. Yeah we were crazy. But to this day I wouldn't mind going out drinking and dancing it would sort of remind me from my past. Besides the fact I wouldn't get naked or act immature. I was so sheltered in my teen years I rarely got to go out and have fun with my friends because their parents hated my brother. So once I got out of hs it was nothing for a party life for me for 2 yrs until I met my wonderful husband. I was a brainwashed "Christian" but I still drank a lot and was the most "innocent" Christian at my church. I was always the quiet and shy one. To this day I'm like that(being shy and quiet, not an alcoholic, I can't even tell you the last time I had a drink, well water this morning) but I have 2 little girls, a husband, and a handicap brother to take care of. I'm busy working or cleaning house. I wish I can go out and have a girls' night out every now and then. That would be nice!

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It's amazing how Christianity gets turned into a rule enforcing and appearance managing group of phonies. Somehow I would llike to have people remember that there are many good people who have had their life positively influenced by Christianity. The problem is, when dealing with kids, you have to be much more open and honest about sexuality. Instead of surrounding it with fear, why not surround it with the delights that were built in. Imagine, you two, if your leaders and mentors had said when you were about 10-11 "Now girls, things are changing from here and as time goes on you are going to find some things fun that you have to be careful of. You only think you like boys' attention now. Just wait. You will want to wear things that show a lot and you will find it fun to be seen. You will also feel your hormones raging and you will want to do some things that you would blush to think your daddy knew. The whole thing was designed to be fun, but it has risks because it is also designed so you will get pregnant. So lots of us make lots of rules so you don't get pregnant before you are ready. Your job is to find ways to protect yourself while you have fun with what was designed into you. I can't go with you when you go out with boys, and I can only hope you respect me enough to postpone that until you have a chance to develop judgement. If you do get pregnant, your life will be hard. We'll help where we can, but you will probably find out what "on your own" really means. Sometimes boys promise a lot to get to enjoy you, but when you get the result they are no where to be found. Also, two more things. First, you have to be careful because the more sexual things you do the more risk you take with your body. Female bodies make it easy for unpleasant diseases to grow. So pay attention. Second, if you have too much fun with too many boys you might find it hard to settle down to one after marriage."<br />
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Sex is a gift to be enjoyed and cherished. It is a gift to you, so use it however you choose, but I hope you will love yourself enough to be careful.

I'm so glad I'm free but then again, I got married at a young age. I love it though, there's not one day that I regret being married to the most loving husband and have the best girls.I know raising them I won't send them to no "religious" school or one that remids them of a prison. I'll make sure that they won't be as wid as I was ha.