Box Of Dreams

Since I was in college I have carried a little box of dreams with me. I set goals for myself on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to work toward my dreams. One of the reminders i use is my "little box of dreams."

My box is just a simple wooden box that I covered with colorful fabric. Inside the box I place a trinket representing my dream. For example, I have a small lighthouse in there which represents my goal of visiting every lighthouse in America before I take my last breath on earth. That lighthouse has been in there for a long time but I get closer ever year to moving it over to my "Fulfilled Dreams Cabinet" (which I will tell you about in a moment). Another item I have in there is a small pencil with the name of a major university in the United States printed on it. It is in there because it represents my dream of being able to provide my niece with a college fund that will allow her to follow in my footsteps without having to take time off from school or work multiple jobs while attending there. Whenever I begin to think I cannot complete a goal I will pull out the little box of dreams and look at it. It gives me the strength I need to keep pushing forward to recognize those dreams. 

One day I was cleaning out drawers and found the trinkets I had thrown in my desk from the items that had become fulfilled dreams. I didn't want to throw those things away but since I worked so hard to recognize those dreams I also didn't just want to leave them in a drawer somewhere. Then a lightbulb went off when I looked over at one of my curio cabinets and it was almost empty. I quickly moved the items in there out and replaced them with the trinkets. That is how the "fulfilled dreams cabinet" was born. It is just another way of motivating myself when I feel there is something I cannot accomplish. It works for me and it makes me happy. 

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I love that post - its awesome!!

Just put my first coffee of the day on -btw 'Mmmmmh

I love your idea! I really, really love it. I think I'm going to be having my own little box of dreams. :)