Posted July 26th, 2011 at 1:41PM
Slow annoying rain falls on my head...
Last night I heard my owner saying to his wife that he will take me to the cattle market ; " He is a good bull,but I have no use of him now.And either I'll sell him for a good price,or I'll sell him to the butcher.I don't want anybody to have it for cheap."
And here I am - on the market.
When I was young I taught that my life will be fun.I was running around and enjoying fresh wind and open fields,but one day my owner put me in fence.I tried to escape,but he was feeding me enough to get too fat to jump high.And then he used me for hard work.
When I was resting,I was in the fence - I never sensed that fresh wind again.
I see the butcher smiling in the corner,sharpening his knife and I hear people speak about hurts to be seen only as 1$ for pound - is that all that I am now.
Many people wanted to buy me and use me until they break my spine ; because I'm strong and healthy and I have that anger in my eyes ;but price is too high.Some handsome guy was eager to buy me,but his father told him that it's a better idea to buy a new horse...pity
Slow annoying rain falls on my head...As the sun gets down,I see that butcher smile is wider and wider...
And I looked up,there is one clear part in the sky and stars can be seen there.People think it's a life of the universe,but it's not - the most of those stars died million years ago.
Wish that I can run,wish that I am stronger than this chain,wish that I will wake up.
SaintMaj SaintMaj
41-45, M
Aug 11, 2011