I Got Two Younger Sisters Who Are Taller And I'm Always Getting Picked On.

I'm 19 and stand at 4'7, my sister who is 16 dwarfs me, and my 14 year old sister is a head taller then me. when they were born i was excited to be the big sister but that all changed when they started getting taller then me. as a family we joke around and play little games but once it was appeared to them that they were bigger it changed from fun to somewhat humiliating for me. now i dont know how many people have stood next to an adult who is as short as me but most nine to ten year olds are as tall if not taller then me. when my younger sister got to my size she would always borrow my clothes and my mom would mix up are laundry from time to time. once she grew a little more a was offered her old clothes as a hand me down. i declined of course. now the two of them are way bigger then me and see it as if they are the older sisters. we even have a joke from time to time about it. but one started highschool this year and the other junior high. i dont know if they are trying to impress there friends or what but both of them started just picking on me and saying things like "your to little to give orders" and "whos babysitting who" just in the last couple weeks i have been threaten by one of there friends who swears she is going to beet my bottom red. one girl likes to pick me up on her hip. and they thought it would be funny to change my undies out for pullups when i wasent home. i like having sisters but not like this. i really cant get a word in because they just shut me down and ignore me as a serious adult. just the other day the 16 year old had another girl talking about me being short enough to need a sitter. my life is in pure chaos right now due to them. i never really have found myself crying untell this week. 
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