6.2" Sister

Flashback to when my sister was 10, she was less than 5 feet tall, I was 14, about 5.7" at the time. I never would've suspected. The first signs of worry came at 11, when she grew to about 5.3", she kept growing and was about 5.6" at 12. I peaked at 5.7". This got me worried, imagine the embarrassment of having a taller little sister. I'd accompany her to school sometimes, I noticed she was almost at eye level before the she was even 13.

Then the day, I was walking her to school, and noticed that she seemed a little taller than me! My heart sunk, I tried to stand as straight and tall as i could, but she was at least half inch taller. omg, this can't be happening, i thought. I was secretly hoping she wouldn't notice it, at least for the moment, as i tried to maintain some distance.

My friends would see my sister and asked me 'hey, is that your (older) sister?' and be wowed. My sis, standing barefoot, was taller than me wearing shoes by now.

She was about an inch taller than me until she hit 15, about 5'11" now and way, way taller than me. Embarrassment every day. By 18, she was 190 cm.

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Did she start wearing high heels? My younger sis started doing this after she grew taller than me just to add to my embarrassment

me too .i am a man ,i have a sister who is 15 yrs old and (179 cm) and i am 20 yrs old and (148cm) !!


did you guys atleast get along?