Today something weird happend to me i am 30 years old and my sisters are 26 and 24 years old. They where trying dresses because they are invited to their friend wedding I was sitting on the balcony and every time they try on a dress they came out of their room o show my mom if they had a nice dress on or not after deciding which dresses to wear they then went to their room and wore high heels I am 178 cm and the 26 year old is 180 and the 24 year old is 183 cm but when they wore the heels I felt they wore giants so tall so sexy I couldn't believe that it's been along time since they wear heels they don't cause they are tall my heart start racing quickly while I was sitting looking at them they asked me how do you like the dress and they wee making noises with the heels tapping them I said you look nice they went back to their room after 10 minutes I went to the kitchen to drink water the cooler is in the storage room of the kitchen and it is a small room after drinking water I turned my back and was hearing my youngest sister voice coming to the kitchen she entered the kitchen quickly to the storage room while I was standing and she came so close to me so she would walk past me with the narrow door I was trembling I had to look up to her face and she was looking down at me and smiling I didn't said anything just walked quickly away and could not believe how the difference is a lot I had a Hard on then after 5 minutes they wanted me to take a picture of them I said okay took a few pics then my mom said to stand between them so she can take pics I could do that I was afraid of my hard on I excused my self and went to my room and as I walked pass them I could not believe the difference of height my sisters are realy hot they have fit bodies I have many old stories about height and lift and carry but what happened today didn't happend or I didn't feel that from 5 years so wanted to share this with you I swear I am not even lying I know there are short brothers like me and I am willing to share more stories about my experiences anytime you want
Frrameh Frrameh
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you're 178cms and you claim you're short? you're kidding me arent you? i'm 173cms and 25 but I WISH i had sisters like urs who would tower me, sadly that's not the case. my whole damn family is short.