Younger Sisters Outgrowing Their Older Sisters...

I don't have a little sister who is taller than me, but I've always been fascinated by the phenomenon of younger sisters outgrowing their older sisters.  And I'm not talking about a difference of a few inches.  I'm talking about a dramatic height difference.  Remember on the Cosby Show, how Vanessa towered over Denise, who was 5 years older?

Anyway, I know a pair of sisters.  Kaitlyn, the younger, is 21.  She's 5'10'' and kinda big-sized.  Not fat, just bigger and voluptuous, maybe 180-190 lbs.  She tall, so she carries it well.  Her older sister Emily is 24.  Emily is 5'0'' and 95 lbs.  She's tiny.  She barely comes up to her little sister's shoulder and is probably half her weight.  Her little arms and legs look like toothpicks next to her younger sister's hefty limbs.  Kaitlyn is so much bigger than Emily in every dimension - forgive me for saying so, but her breasts dwarf Emily's - that when they stand together, they look more like mother and child than younger sister and older sister.

I know another pair of sisters like this, though the height difference is not so dramatic.  Becky is 20, she's 5'2'' and smaller-sized.  Her sister Rachel is 18, 5'7'' and, though slender, obviously weighs a bit more. 

Does anyone else have stories like this?  When the height difference is that dramatic, it stands to reason that the younger sister overtakes the older sister at a fairly young age.  Does it in anyway change the older sister/younger sister dynamic?  For example, Rachel picks Becky up a lot, puts her on her lap, and once, when they were getting ready to slide down the hill on a sled, Rachel, who is bigger, was sitting on the back.  Becky was in front, leaning back against her little sister, who had her arms protectively around her.

I've never seen Kaitlyn pick up Emily, though I'm sure she could do it with one arm...

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I've seen it in my cousins, Isabella, the older one (23), is 5'5'' and 120 pounds, while Amanda, the younger one (19) is 5'9'' and 175 pounds.