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About My Long Neck

Well, okay, not like the photo.. I was born with it. No, still not like the photo.. But I have a long neck. Muscular, I've been told. When I put my head back. I actually didn't notice it until someone told me. My friends. Do you get muscles in you neck by laughin? Singing? I do both. And then the skin is very light.
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You sound like the new guy I have in my life. He's in his late 30's and has a long, slender, and tight neck. A nice pointy Adam's apple too! His hair is long, and when he wears it in a pony tail, which is all the time, his hair goes half-way down his back. It also accents the length of his neck, making his neck look even longer. Very sexy!

Contact me. I want to see a pic

You can't get neck muscles from laughing or singing. Laughing is an abdominal exercise and singing uses the diaphragm. Have you ever measured your neck?

By the sound of it, it sounds like you have abeautiful neck,i would certainly like to see it even touch it.

I think you have nothing to be ashamed of. having a long neck is a very good thing. would like to see a picture to comment on it. But I'm sure you have a lovely neck.

well ..i recieve alot of comment of my neck too ..but i wish it was masculine ,though im a female ..But my neck is kina thin and my mom keeps telling me not to over show it ..I love the way you describe your neck ..

I have a neck fetish. Please contact me.