My Father Is a Loser

My father is a complete and utter loser. I am about to be 18 and I met my father when I was 8. I didn't even know father's existed and what they even were.

When I first met my father, I thought he was weird. Who was this man? But then I grew to really know him. At first, he was a hard working man and he would take me out on daughter night [which was on a Saturday.] and we would look at pets at the petstore and then go watch some movies at the theater. Within a year, my father turned into the biggest douchebag and loser that I know. He smokes weed, and yea I could care less about it but he's been a smoker since he was 14. He sits at home and he makes up excuses for everything he does. My dad is also a drinker. My father would go on a drinking rampage and then come upstairs to pick a fight with me and it usually ended violently. Infact, a few times I had to go to the hospital for his irrisponsible ways.

I eventually ran away. What could I do? Nobody wanted to help me, and it seemed like the right thing. When I was caught, we got my father help after I confronted my mother about it, [and she was well aware of it and scared herself.] and we got him help.

I never understood the angry ways of my father, I know the slight nature of "the beast" since I inherited it but I didn't know how serious it was. For a while I called my mom a loser too for not leaving my dad. But I understand why, he's this giant douchebag psychopath loser. Even if my mom tried to leave him, and she has before, he would stalk her and pull the same **** that he pulled the night my mother tried to break off all ties. I wouldn't want my mom to go to the hospital again and ever since, she's just been stuck. Now he ruins her down to a emotional pulp and she's never been right since.

My dad barely works. He makes excuses for EVERYTHING! Where I live, it doesn't snow that bad. Weather is random but not really out of the random. If you don't understand what that means, I'm trying to say, for example, it's winter. It doesn't snow for 2 weeks but then the next week its icy. But it stays cold. Ohio weather, go figure. For the past 3 weeks straight, he's been sitting at home doing nothing. My uncle lives with us right now, and it's because--yea here's another ****** up thing about my dad..he lies and can't keep a promise--he called my uncle Marty down and told him that the work here was plentiful for him and to come down so he can earn cash. Unlike my dad, My uncle is a REAL man. His wife is sick, and he has a beautiful kid. He takes care of that kid. He goes out, works hard, then comes home and plays with his kid for hours. He doesn't take her to one park, he takes her to six parks. Or even to the zoo 4 days in a row. He's a great man and I love my uncle. He came down, and my dad rejected a job that was paying 30$ a hour and took the job that was paying 20$ a hour. My dad does construction/painting. He should be earning more money then some measly 15-20$. I've been told you earn better then that.

Some lady owes my father a grand and he won't bother her for the money. Infact, he's taking his time about getting it. It's been 4 months now. He owes my mother around a grand, he owes my uncle a grand, he owes me about 400$, my brother around 200$ and he won't cash up and I don't see him cashing up any time soon either.

So my uncle, sends every single bit of money he has all the way back to his old lady [his wife] and his kid. Every single cent, dollar, and dime of it. Even the pennies. He sends it ALL! He can't go back home because without that grand, he can't go home and help his family move back around here. Me and my uncle made the pack to move in together because he is the only person I get along with.

So it's not only that, My dad ebayed my car we were supposed to work on together [and I payed half of it.], ebayed my brother's computer, sold a few of my mom's **** and stold some of my uncle's money he had left over.

My dad puts his weed and cigarettes before us. I smoke, yes it's bad but I'm not a serious *** chain smoker like my father. I can go without a cigarette for a week and be fine. My father can't go a day. He runs out and sells everything but his own ****.

And not only does my father need to lie, he is irrisponsible and unrespectable. He gives me NO privacy. He does not allow me to lock my own room when I am in my room alone. He does NOT knock on my door before entering. He does NOT let me talk or hang out with my other family members. He doesn't allow me to do a lot of things. Like going outside. I'm 18! What the hell? I should be able to go outside.

He also is a scumbag. My grandma nanny has been sending me 50$ on every holiday and birthday that has ever passed. My father has been taking the mail and money in the mail and using it for himself. He hasn't spent his money on ONE single thing for christmas or my birthday. Yet, we share our kindness and get something for him.

My father does not respect me or my family, he is lazy, he takes **** and steals, he is rude, he fights with us, he is physical and harmful to me, he drinks, he can't ******* work for himself...infact he won't work unless he can't buy cigarettes or weed. That is only when he works. I am ashamed to say im related to my father.

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why dont you'll tell the police or someone about him? and move away from there... move home completely, a different city, a different town, somewhere where he wouldnt be able to track you'll down... but yeah, do this after getting help from someone... you'll cant go on like this forever... there has to be an end to it... your dad's a no good rotten man...

That Sonofabitch needs to be all alone on his own. Homeless and destitute. Depending on noone but himself before he can realise how selfish and dependant he really is. Thank God you are smart enought to know that he is bad. You might be his saving grace :)

I feel so sorry for you!<br />
Something has to be done about him!...NOW!<br />
You need immediate HELP<br />
You also have a right to PRIVACY!<br />
<br />
PLEASE, PLEASE talk tp ypur doctor,Tell them what you told us!..Do something B4 it is too late!!