I am a doubt-box. I don't normally ask doubts in classes because I don't like attention on me and also I am constantly worried my questions might be stupid ones and I will be made fun of by the teacher. It's really a complex, I guess. I can never get past it, though sometimes I try.

But that doesn't mean I don't have doubts. My close friends know that I ask a lot of questions, some clever, some stupid, and mostly my train of thoughts leave them thinking which is something I am secretly proud of. I will go on asking questions about a topic till either my doubts are cleared or they run out of answers.

I am curious about a lot of things and if I find that someone knows a bit about any of those, I can't help asking questions. I believe it's a way of gathering so much knowledge and new information about a lot of things you don't come across otherwise.
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A question is never stupid. It's the way to learn lot of things, hopefully !<br />
Doubts are also a nice way to learn, if doubts are<br />
Perfect to be curious about a lot of things, the best awy to jumps in the world and understand it :)<br />
Nice post. Thanks to share !<br />
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Well put, frootiee. You'll never know if you don't ask. You're never too old to wonder about things, or to probe for the answers. Don't worry about asking stupid questions, because there aren't any. Most of us worry about asking those. Happens to me a lot, people apologizing to me for asking something before they've even asked it Sometimes the answers are more puzzling anyway.