My Health Is Running Out

A few years ago I learned I had some major pinched nerves in my back effecting the strength in my legs and now walk real slow with a cane then this year and a blocked artery in my ticker and I have a stent in it, my kidneys function at about 35% and I have a hernia. I also have hepatitis C.
I finally stopped feeling massive depression several years back, but now it's back. I feel like an invalid at a mere 52. I often hope the free clinic docs or ER docs, (no insurance coverage at all) will prescribe me meds I can take and never wake up from because I feel in the not to distant future I'll be totally dependant on others. I get very tempted at times to buy a gram of heroin to do all at once. I am a former addict so I know that drill..
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Jun 2, 2012