My Family and Friends

To Begin With I Was Born In Stafford, Kansas, The 6th Of 10 Children Born, My Life Has Not Started Out Very Happy, My Mother Told Me 2 Weeks Before I Was Born The House They Lived In Caught Fire Due To A Leaky Kerosene Heater, Then I Was Born With An Under-Active Thyroid Gland Which Did Nothing For My Mental Capacity, When I Was 13 Years Old My Dad Died From A Heart Attack, That Was Oct.20, 1956, 2 Weeks Later My Grandfather Died Nov. 6th 1956, He Was The Only Grandparent I Ever Really Knew, Because My Dad's Father Had Died In 1936, His Mother Had Died In Childbirth In March 1919, My Other Grandmother Died In 1948, My Brothers And Sisters, At Least My Oldest Brother And My Youngest Brother And One Of My Younger Sisters Used To Pick On Me Unmercifully And Hit Me  And Called Me Names Like Stupid And Retard, And When I Told My Mother About It All She Would Say Was: Leave Her Alone, You Know She's Just A Bawl-Baby, That Went On Until !973 When I Met My Ex-Husband, We Were Married June 24, 1973, The Following May 19th 1974 My First Child Was Born, We Named Him Benjamin Clyde Critchfield, After My Ex-Husband And My Dad Clyde Elmo Fillerman, One Of The Most Wonderful Men That God Ever Created(The Other Wonderful Man Was My Maternal-Grandfather, Walter Elmer Baxter) My Oldest Brother Was Married And Had A Son Named After Him, But His Wife Murdered The Baby When He Was Only 9 Days Old, She Went To Prison For 4 Years And Got Out On Good Behaviour, On June 7th I Had Another Son We Named Him Charles Douglas Critchfield,  In The Meantime My Husband Was Running Around Trying To Cheat On Me With Any Woman Who Would Oblige Him, In July Of 1980 I Met A Woman Who Would Become A Life-long Friend, Her Name Was Rita Sue Sparks, Her Mother Lived Right Next Door To Us, We Became Like Sisters, She Had A 7 Year-Old Son That Lived With Her, My Ex-Husband Was Trying To Cheat On Me With My Best Friend And Her Mother, My Friend Rita Was 4 Years Younger Than Me, Finally I Got Fed Up With My Husband Trying To Cheat On Me, And When The Opportunity Came My Friend Rita And I Took The Boys And Went To Texas For About 11 Months, When We Came Back To Kansas We Settled In Wichita, And We Lived There About 2 Years, In The Meantime I Filed And Got A Divorce, That Was 1988, July 26, 1997 My Younger Son's Friend Jeremy Was Arrested And Went To Jail, Nobody Knew What Was Going To Happen Next, Because The Sheriff's Dept. Didn't Like Jeremy He Ended Up Being Hung In His Cell, Jeremy And My Sons Were Also Cousins, The Sheriff's Dept. Tried To Make It Look Like Suicide, But They Left Him Hanging For 3 Hours Before They Called The Paramedics, Nov. 15, 2000 My Mother Died In The Nursing Home, March 27, 2002 My Youngest Brother Died, And July 19, 2007 My Best Friend Of 28 Years Died In The Same Nursing Home That My Mother Had Died In, Jan. 30, 2002 On The Last Birthday My Brother Ever Had My Granddaughter Was Born, Her Name Is Samantha Jo Watkins, Her Mother Has Been Using Us For The Last 7 Years, For One Thing Or Another, And If I Could Find Something That I Could Do At Home To Earn Enough Money I Would Get Caught Up On My Tithing To God, And Try To Help My Preacher And His Wife Get A Church Building, Buy A House, Get My Son Custody Of His Daughter, Set Both Of My Sons Up In Their Own Businesses, Get My Teeth Pulled And Get A Set Of Dentures, Plus I Would Try To Get The Death Penalty Re-Instated For All Murderers And Child Molesters, And That Is My Story!

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wow. you have certainly had some bad times. I hope your dream of making money at home comes true. If I tried to stay home, everybody would know it and need me for something or another. Not that I mind, it's just that at 53, I would like to live my life free of all my children's problems. I don't think that is going to happen.