I Am Leaving This Group

Yesterday, I realized the title of this group is flawed for me when it comes to the way I aim to live my life. In fact, it is just plain, old flawed (and I think I was the one who started it). The title infers that I will only give my love conditionally, when in reality, I will love everyone. True, I will not love everyone in the same way, but I will always approach a situation or a preson with love.

Love is sometimes a swift kick in the butt to someone who needs it, but done in a strategic way that they feel the kick and the love at the same time. Love is sometimes just being there for someone in their time of need, such as when they are dying, even though it is stressful and uncomfortable for you. Love is sometimes removing yourself from someone's life, for the betterment of the both of you (even though one of you will likely not see it that way, at least in the short term).  Love is sometimes dedicating yourself to someone, and opening up all of yourself to them, and if you are lucky, they do the same for you . And love is sometimes just accepting a gift of any sort, and saying "Thank you" with a heart full of grace and gratitude, without feeling any urge at all to "pay back" the gift. Love is many things, but it is never something you hold back, waiting to give to the "right person."

So, I say goodbye to this group, with all my love.
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4 Responses May 24, 2011

How wonderfully brutally honest. APPLAUSE. I have joined groups and then when I went to write a story, felt the disconnect or cognitive dissonance that my conscience would not perpetuate. No problem though, you have "shared a story" that others may really benefit from though you know that the group is not correctly named...

I cant leave the group because I think it is impossible technically speaking because I started it.

Wow. I don't even feel ready to respond to such an enlightened sharing. <br />
The Light is shining brighter my dear.....

Ohh I felts so sad when I read "I'm leaving this group..." and then I realized i'm not even part of the group. Just you leaving made my heart jump. I think you are right about the title and maybe it shows how much more you know now since the time you created the group. I've already learned a lot from you as well and I can feel the love. Thank you <3