Give Me Pain

I tatooed my foot cause its the most painful. And i also like going to the dentist because of the pain. I have endured a lot of emotional pain through the years growing up at home and then graduating to new pain with an abusive spouse.

Its become a friend of mine.

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its a rose with a cobra wrapped around it.

lol sounds like fun :0p

i used to be scared of physical abuse until i started realizing that it was better than emotional abuse because at least there is an end to it, emotional abuse is a gift that just keeps on giving.

lol ya, i feel for anyone feeling suicidal its not fun, but i had a couple lame attempts at 15, but i mean i was 15 reaching out for my parents to do something to help me with a lot of issues being ignored, but i would never consider suicide now. thank god. but i know what you mean. <br />
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can you comment my anger issues entry please. i would like some feedback from people about that issue mostly.

I realize there are some things I'll always be ignorant of, things that a person can't truly understand without experiencing them. <br />
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I have a similar lack of sympathy for people who repeatedly try to kill themselves. I only feel sorry for the ones that are mentally ill, not the ones that just want attention.

ya well, i know that now, but you wouldn't understand unless you were raised by an emotionally abusive father and a mother who also put up with it. you live what you learn and hopefully learn from your mistakes.

I'll never understand women that put up with it. I've read stories and I know about the self-esteem and fear issues... but still I will never understand and never feel much sympathy for. Life is too short to waste it getting your face beat in.

I was speaking of my ex-husband. we were divorced 7 years ago. I put up with it because i had no self esteem or confidence that i could make it without him, but at times where i did he would refuse to leave.then he finally did leave me and our sons in a motel room for another woman with three kids that were not even his as far as i know. He then left her with three more children that were for sure his and is married once again to another unsuspecting dumb *** victim.

Why would you put up with an abusive spouse?