Shame And Secrets

I don't go around and tell my secret shames. They are moments in my life that are no interest to others. They are from my past and they will remain there.
In return i have no need in knowing anothers deep dark secrets or shameful events. What i don't know won't hurt me.
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5 Responses Jun 7, 2011

I am one that probably has shared more than he should have. It brought me closer to the other person and that has been a good thing.
Others even here on EP have shared and regrettably it has been used against them. Your way is probably the best overall.
Thanks for sharing your story.

Hi Wiseowl! giggling yes i have. It's not that i've done anything ... that i'd fear God and that he is going to strike me down or anything.... There are things that need to be left unsaid!! Nice to see ol'wise one! lol. Take care

Me too. I'm a private person. That said, I'm NOT more relieved or less burdened by spilling my guts..No need and no way. I appreciate and respect those who do and feel better for it. Some people go too far & that's another subject..not my style. We've seen those groups..Yikes.LOL

even being anonymously, i am not one for telling ... certain things. But i am an openbook with my feelings and such. I have no need in confessing to anything. LOL. I plead the fifth. *smile*

Sendittome, Just because one is married doesn't mean they have to reveil every inch of their lives. I use to think that it did mean that... that if you love someone there shouldn't be secrets kept. BUT.... i feel different as i get older. A person doesn't need to tell every inch of their souls/life. What is important.... to me.... is the moment... the trust and faithfulness of THE day.<br />
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SouthernPlains, no need in giving your enemies weapons to make mayhem in your life. ;~) Yes, a person pays for some of their secrets but... the flipside... the price of revealing some deep dark secrets can cost awhole lot more! I let go of my pain(somewhat), i am not the same person as i once was. Surviving life can cause a soul to do many things they wish they hadn't!!!!<br />
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Have a good day ya all!