But It's Ep, So It's Ok

hmm... one of the reasons I love this site. I don't have to hide :)
I cut. I'm in love with someone who isn't the person I'm going out with. I may be bi. I have a slight obsession with a senior at my school. I don't do my homework. I have different characters I like to pretend to be when I'm alone. I talk to myself. I sing to myself. I make lots of lists. I have a very long list of songs that make me cry when I listen to them. I'm slightly depressed, but happy. I see a therapist. I'm in love with my best friend. I don't know what love is. I believe in magic and aliens and fantasy. I'm scared of being underwater. I'm scared of pictures or videos from underwater. I'm scared of emptiness. I'm hurting myself. I'm hurting others. I need to stop.
But it's EP, so it's ok...
sumerius96 sumerius96
Feb 5, 2012