I keep almost all of my secrets to myself. Mainly because i don't want people to think i am this awful person, when i couldn't be farther from that. I just make mistakes, like everyone else.

freshfrika freshfrika
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Good but sharing is Beautiful and peacefull !! Do not keep secrets, which makes you stressed, compressed and unhappy !! So share it - FRIENDSHIP? is a GOLD Coin Keep it safe it and share your secrets with your Golden friend. ThanQ

I lie about myself alot on the internet. it's not like I'm a creepy old perv trying to pick people up, I'm 15, and you never know who a person is on the internet so it's stupid to try's just that I'll make up all these things to make myself more likeable. I don't know why I care what people think of me, even more so with people on the internet, but I do.