More Fantasies Involving Islands And Fish

In one of my recurring fantasies I visiting an island in the Indian Ocean.
I am walking along the beach and around sand dunes, when I meet, coming towards me, a beautiful slim young man about 19 years old with shoulder-length black hair, wearing a cotton print sarong and carrying a string of fish. He smiles and I say hello, but he replies to me in a language I do not understand.
I manage to communicate by gesture to him that I am hungry and would like to buy some of his fish, so he leads me to a sheltered spot in the dunes, where we make a campfire. He prepares some of the fish and cooks them on a stone by the fire while I admire his easy grace and toned, lightly muscled torso.
He smiles again at me, and speaks again, but I of course I cannot understand.
As we eat, squatting by the fire, his sarong has fallen open and I can see his thick, semi-erect **** bobbing against his smooth thigh.
His chest has downy black hairs, damp from a few trickles of sweat,and without thinking I reach out and touch him there. He only smiles but I can see his **** stiffen further, poking out of his sarong.
I move my hand down to his penis and start to stroke him gently. He again speaks to me in his unknown language, and reaches out and undoes my linen trousers and takes my ***** in his strong, gentle hands. Soon we are both naked; I Iick the salty sweat from his beautiful fit young chest while he presses our ***** together and slowly wanks up and down with his oily fingers. My hands caress his smooth tight bum, and very soon he comes, covering my belly and chest with his *****. I come when I feel his lovely hot **** hit my nipples.
In other versions of my fantasy, we end up sucking each other's *****; often my brown-skinned fisher-boy will be adorned with pearls, or a garland, or a flower in his hair.
I feel so good being able to share my fantasy!
molewood molewood
Jul 10, 2010