This happened a few months ago but I keep thinking about it so I wanted to post the story.  

One late Sunday afternoon, I was at Burlington Coat Factory shopping for a pair of shoes fo my daughter.  There was a mature couple empeccably dressed as if they just left Church to go shopping together.  He was right by her side carrying her purse while she perused the rows and rows of ladies shoes.  I couldn't take my eyes off of them because of the way they interacted together.  Their eyes couldn't stop flirting with one another.  She modeled shoes for him and he smiled at her so proudly. 

I was quite surprised at the selections of shoes that she was choosing to try on.  These shoes weren't what you would expect a church-going conservatively dressed woman to be trying on.  What they both picked out together and purchased was a pair of bright red three-inch COME ******* me pumps!  I kid you not!  They walked out of tthe store together holding hands and still smiling and flirting with their eyes.

I want that!  That's my fantasy.  To be so emotionally connected with someone that anyone around me can see.  I want to grow old with someone who will always desire me and be proud of the woman that I am.  I want to be able to share our fantasies, plan it and go out together to make it a reality. If I'm in my 60's and my man is turned on by me dressed as a French maid, so be it!  He better be ready to help me go shopping for it all. 
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went shopping with my wife last weekend buying some sexy undies bra panties etc went to pay but someone infront of us so i said i would go and get a pair of pantyhose on my way back my wife was chatting to the assisant , i came up to the till and paid noy much said apart from thankyou and good bye, on my way out i ask the wife what she said , she told me she had told the assisant i was only buying them for her so i could wear them ,but the pantyhose where just for me , when i looked back she was smiling Girls having fun !!!

My dream fantasy as well... and we are quite close to achieving it I think... our friends see it... don't know about strangers.

Who said shopping can't be fun?!