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My ankles are tied to bedposts, my legs spread wide. I'm on my knees in a bed, in somewhat uncomfortable position. The blindfold covering my eyes prevents me from seeing anyone, but I feel strong hands on both of my wrists, holding them behind me and keeping my body in place. Something is tickling me from behind, playfully poking the entrance of my *****. I try to push back, in hopes of getting the teasing object inside me, but my only response a low chuckle, certainly man's.

Before I get to protest against unfair treatment, another presence in the room makes itself known. A hand, rough and calloused grasp my chin and orders me to open my mouth. I hesitantly obey. I hear a zipping noise, and musky sent fills up my nostrils. The man is feeding me his enormous ****, and his attitude is not teasing at all. I lick my new treat with enthusiasm, savoring the smooth and hard texture before deep throating as much of it as I can. Seeing that I can help myself, the man lets go of my chin and places his hand approvingly to the back of my head.

The other man who had been watching silently groaned and pushed his **** into my ***** with vigor. He is filling me completely, and I moan happily against the **** in my mouth. He draws back a little, and then slams back against the hot tightness of my insides. First slowly but at gaining speed he starts to pound into me. I feel my climax coming closer and closer, my body is already shaking with incoming ******...

Then the man suddenly stills all his movements. I moan disapprovingly against the still hard **** in my mouth and try wiggle myself, pushing against the hot **** buried halfway into my *****. Why did he stop? I want it, I need it so bad, please mister **** me hard...

”We won't let you *** before you complete your job”, the man in front of me says calmly. Then I understand; I have to make both of them release first. I put my best skills to use, bobbing my head up and down against the hard shaft, eating his **** like my favourite food. With few pulses of my inner muscles I get the **** inside me moving as well. Soon I'm torn between rough pounding to my ***** and another **** hitting against the back of my throat. I'm close, so close, but so are they. The **** in my mouth twitches against my tongue and hips are slapping my ***.

I try desperately to keep myself from coming, but I'm so filled with pleasure I'm going to explode if I don't ****** soon. Just as I'm forced to give up I'm filled with hot, sticky *** from front and behind. I'm choking on thick white substance as I try to swallow it all, and he pulls out, still shooting loads on my face. My filled ***** can't take anymore either and I feel it trickle out of me and down my thighs.

Sweet success.
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love it. wow.

Good story!!

Great story! Loved it. :)