Ravished Preacher Wife

My wife and I have been married for 32 years I pastor a small church my wife is 53 long brown hair 5' 6" 165lb with 40dd she has a few extra pounds but I think she is hot. I have a fantasy of see my wife spoiled by another man. My wife was a virgin when we maried and is very inexperienced when it come to sex.

My fantasy startes out with me at the church and we have a 34 year old black man who maintain our lawn. I ask him if is interested in taking care of our lawn and he said yes but he would have to look at it before he could qoute a price. He finished with the churches lawn and siad he could go to the house and check things out so I give him the address and tell him I would be along soon.

He gits to the house and look at the lawn my wife see him and recogizes him and ask how he is doing and he said fine tell her that I asked him to check thing out and see what he would charge to take care of the lawn. SHe takes him to the back yard he looks things over she ask would you like to come inside he says yes. SHe tell him if he would like a glass of tea and he says sure say I need to wright out the estimate anyways. Mean while at the church I get detained but some phone calls. My wife says excuse me for a minute and he like okay and is sitting there in the kitchen but watches as my wife goes down the hall to the master bedroom. He get up and and begins to walk down the hall toward the bedroom she is in the bathroom. From where he is he can see her taking a ****. He walks in she says what do you think you are doing. He takes and stands in front of her and unzips his pants and pulls his big black **** out. She protest I am the pastors wife I am married what do you think you are doing he just laughs say you want your hubby to get a good deal with the lawn don't you? SHe says of course then lets work out the details before he comes home. She looks at his **** it is way bigger then mine he is almost 10 inches. She look and say what do you mean he just say suck it.

She takes and put her hands on his **** and begins to suck on it become rock hard she is amazed. he says come lets go to the bed where it is more comfortable. She say I don't know about that he lifts her up and as she begin to walk into the bedroom he unzips her dress and lets it fall to the floor there she is with just her bra he take and unfasten the bra. He takes his shirt off and she see his muscular body he has her lay donw on the bed and he goes between her legs and eats her ***** . At first she tries to push his head away saying that is gross but he won't take no for an answer and just pushes hard till she gives in as he eats her ***** she oh my god, oh my god finally she has her first orgaism. He then moves up her body kissing her she did not realized that he had slipped his paints off he stops and suck on each *** for a bit finally he moves up and gives her a nice wet kiss.

SHe Oh God I have got to stop I have never been with anyone but my husband, I cannot do this he just kisses her a more he then give a thrust forward and the head of his **** enter her ***** she tries to push him off she says please stop don't do this. He gives another thrust she cries oh oh your to big it hurts stop. He pulls out but then gives a big thrust and pushes almost his whole **** inside of her body shutters he then begins to move more slowly she relaxes and he ask you want me to stop she say no. She does not relize that I have come home and their I am stand just where they cannot see but I can. To BE Continued
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darn - I was stroking my **** to full erection when your story ended.... <br />
Waiting , stroking my **** ,... in anticipation of the sequal ... Thanks for sharing - even your story of your wife getting it - good from that another guy is sooo. hot and extremely sexy how she gives in and lets her guard down and goes with the ******. Then allows him to enter her fully ( I guess .... we'll see ....) Looking forward to the part where he is slamming his throbbing, erect, veiny ***** in and out of her steamy, wet pulsing **** in total submission of his thrusting ....

Dam i would love going to your church lots of sexy thoughts going through your mind and your wife sounds really hot too!!