Ravished Preacher Wife 2

My wife does not realize that I have come home I am standing near the door I can see the gardner ******* her. I see as he has first pushed his **** in her and she tell him to please stop I cannot do this I am a married woman and the pastor wife. He just laughs and gives another thrust and goes in a little deeper she say oh my god oh my god please stop it hurts pull it out. He takes and pulls almost all the way out then he give a real hard thrust pushing place i have never been she lets out a yelp with that they lay there for a second she says nothing he just waits. I now I should step in and stop him but it is like I am fixated on his dark skin and her lilly white body together. He then begins to slowly move in and out she says nothing now his **** is glisten with the flow from her body. He stopp and ask do you want me to stop now she say no. I cannot believe this is happening, I having sex with another man I have never do this before my husband is the only one that I have ever been with. Then on top of that I am having sex with a black man. as she is talking he pick up his pace and being to push his whole **** in her until his balls are slaping her ***. she begins to maon. oh god that feels so good. He simply laughs say you like having my big black **** in your *****. She says yes as an orgasam hit her he pulls out she says don't stop . He says beg for it she say what do you want me to say beg me to take and **** you with my big black ****. tell me how much you want me to ravish that married white preacher wife *****. Tell me how you want to be my *****. Please don't do that just stick your **** in me. Fine then i will just leave she so no i have never talked this way. Please **** me with that big black **** take this married white preacher wife ***** and ravish me strech me out make me your *****. That a good ***** and he stick his **** back in her and begin to **** her she begin to have the orgaism again. yea baby feels good she take and wrapers her legs around him tight. He says tell me what you want she say **** me he say what **** me with that big black **** come on baby you can do better she begin to scream oh yes **** me **** me with that big black **** he begins to pump faster then he give one final push as he deposits his *** deep inside of her she says oh god no you are ******* in me my hubby and i can't have kids because he is impotent but i can still get prenant. oh you have cummed so much. He looks at my wife and says well you have been such a good girl today that me and my crew will do your lawn for free this week. Let see what happens next week. I knew he was going to leave so I snuck back out side and drove around the block to make like I ws just getting there when he came outside. As I drove up he was just getting in the car and he told me that him and his crew we be there the next day and that my wife had taken care of the bill. I came in the house and said honey I am home she said I will be there in a moment she was just going to the bath room. She came out with a smile on her face I asked if everything was okay and she oh. Asked about the lawn care she said oh I paid them aready I got you a good price. I just smiled and kissed and told her that I loved her.
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51-55, M
May 22, 2012