Preacher Wife Changed

As my wife finally relized what had transpired she that she would never be the same. She had never experience sex like the young well endowned black man had done to her as he took what he wanted from her even though she was his pastors wife. She wonders what would her husband think if he found out that the guy he had hired to do their lawn had negociated to do the lawn in exchaned for screwing his wife. She was both excited that someone other then her husband found her actractive but ashamed that she had given into her lustful desires. SHe hope that shawn would do a good job on the lawn so that her husband would approve and maybe let him and his crew cut there lawn on a regular bases.

The next week came and As I was working at the church Shawn came in and asked how I like the way he cut the lawn. I said you did a good job but what would it cost to take care of the flower beds and the shrubs and the trees also. Shawn just laughts and as a grine on his face I think my crew and I can work something out with your wife if that is okay with you I said that would be fine.

I tell him well my wife is home if you want to go and talk with her. Little did shaw know that during the weekend I installed hidden camera in the house so I would not have to fun home. Shawn let the church and got to my house my wife was still going around the house in just her nightgown. She hear the knock at the door my wife peeks out and see that it is Shawn and come to the door and say how can i hlep you. He says your husband asked me to come over a negociate with you about the not just taking care of the lawn but your whole yard. She says well come on in would you like a glas of tea Shawn yes. She bends over to get a glass out of the dishwasher and when she does shawn see her ***** and say my my what a nice veiw. my wife turns and just blushes a litte and fills the glass of tea cand brings it over to him. We can wor out the specifics tomorrow about the payment I will need to bring my crew over to make sure we get everything taken care of my wife says well how many is that going to be he said well this time I think we can make do with me and two of my other men you know we will all need to get paid. She says well what do you have in mind. He just laughts and said well we can take care of that tomorrow but right now I want you to suck my ****.

They way I have things setup I can here and see everthing from my computer in my office and now one is the wiser. I watch as my wifetakes off her gown and goes down on him right there in the kitchen does hesitate or nothing just begins to suck him. He looks so did you miss me baby? My wife just shacks her head yes you want more she shacks her head yes again. Good you have really changed since the other day. He is rock hard she stops sucking and stands up and straddles him and slowly lower herself on to his hard ****.

You like having a big black **** in your ***** don't you preacher wife. Yes since the other day after you took me and did those thing to me all I could think about was if you were going to come back. He said oh baby we are just getting started . By the time summer is over you will be so changed and your ***** so streched you husband won't even be able to feel you ***** or *** and if things go right he will be our little slave to. Oh god I don't really care I need to feel you in me.. Maybe by the time summer is over you will have a nice black baby growing inside of you. Oh yes baby give me a baby my husband is impotent and I want a baby. You want to have a black baby I don't care i just want to have a baby I don't care abotu the color. I could be pregnant now because of lst week I am suppose to start next week. Well just want until tomorrow and see what i have planed for you.

Well enough talking he picks her up and takes her to the bedroom and and begins to **** her well lets seal the deal. Tomorrow me and my guys will come over here and take care of your whole yard and then you are doing to pay yes. You understand what that means wright yes. Oh **** me **** me with that big black ****. oh it feels so much better then my husband. You are my little ******* **** ***** preacher wife prostitute you **** and suck me and my boys inorder to have your lawn taking care. I We service your lawn and you service us. Yes I am you **** ******* ***** prostitue preacher wife. What ever you want. Good girl. This is all going to work out just fine. 
I sat in my office watching everything on my computer and playing with myself not relizing that I had not closed and locked the door. I did not relize that the computer were all lincked together where people at other computer could if they new what they were doing view things on other computer. I did not notice that the office door was open just a jar and that my church secutary who was hired for her computer skills had past by my door and saw me rubbing myself. she said nothing. I jeard a knock at the door and quickly move myself under the desk. and said yes she said pastor I have some first time vistor letter for you to sign. I said come in I signed the letter and she went back out I made sure I closed the door. Little did I know that she went into another room where there was another computer and she started searching things and found the file video survalence. She opened the file and there she saw right into our house she click different cameras until she came to the one with our bedroom and she heard my wife telling shawn Oh God that is good **** me with that big black ****. Candance was supprised she new it was Shawn and my wife. But she could not take her eyes off the screen as she watched the way he was treating her and how she was reacting to him she notice a wetness between her leg that she had never felt even when her husband would make love to her.

My wife continues to tell Shawn how good he felt inside of her and the she had never felt anything like that until the other day and that she love the way he made her feel and not to stop. He looks at her and says and just think just a little over a week ago you were a stuck up prude *****. A good little pastor wife who had never felt a real man you hubby is such a wimp. Never new what it was to have good hot sex just happy with that little **** hubby of yours. What a change in the pastor wife once you go black you will never go back.  Oh baby don't stop I want you to *** in me. You are my littleslut are you. Yes! talk dirty do me baby tell me you want my big black **** and that you want to have my baby.  Oh don't stop baby I want you to **** me with that big black **** I want you to coum in my ***** i want to have your baby.

As I heard those word I could not believe the change that had taken place in my wife from a prim and proper pastor wife to a wanton **** she was begin to have his baby I sould not believe my ears but as she had her orgaism and he cummed in her i shot my load in my paints. At the same time the secutary had taken and played with her self in the other room wonder what it would be like to have someone like that between her legs. Shawn looks at my wife and says just wait until tomorrow I garentee you will never be the same.
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That night, the Preacher lay next to his wife.... after their usual boring mechanical coupling ......... and drifted contentedly to sleep, seeing he`s hard laid plans of the last 3 years finally baring fruit.