A Confessional To Remember

I have been a very naughty naughty girl and as I come into the confessional I have no plans of not committing more sins. I start out by forgive me father for I have sinned. We go through the regular rigamoroo, I recount my naughty sins but I add father even thinking about it gets me hot under my collar I go without panties so that when I think about it I can touch myself I sheepishly admit sliding my dress up over my thighs feeling the cool air brush against them. My hand finds it's way between them and starts to rub the wet slit and my breath becomes heavy father I whisper even now in confessing I'm a sinner thinking sinful thoughts what it would be like to have sex in a confessional to give you a peep show father. Would you like to know that I'm touching myself now father I ask seductively, would you like to feel this shaved ***** how wet it is how it needs a mans touch how it craves his manhood in me. Father forgive me for my lust but my desire is burning hotter than hell fire right now I say as I increase fingering myself he can plainly hear my juices as my finger works it's way in my *****. I can hear his labored breathing he has not spoken in some time but I can tell by his breathing he is hard and I can't help but want to take his **** in my hands to give it loving attention with my hands and mouth kissing the tip taking it in my mouth licking it sucking the tip. Then I would slowly insert it as I sit on him just moving my hips against him guiding his hands to my breasts letting his mouth taste them telling him how good it feels. I want him to feel my stockinged feet to know it's just for him today that I have no panties no bra. Our lips lock in fierce passion his hands behind my head I'm moving faster now riding him hard the pleasure I almost can't contain his hands have found my **** and are rubbing it oooh father I whisper you're a natural. Grab my *** father make me ride you and he obliges showing me how he likes it. My head drops back as he begins to suck on my neck this exhilrates me so much to have his hands on my *** guiding me to feel his lips on my neck kissing sucking and his **** ooo Lord AMEN for this mans **** in my tight lil slit. My breathing is so heavy now as I am about to *** I can tell he is close too, with pure desire in my eyes I lock our eyes father spill your seed in me I say huskily let us come together and as we begin our climax our eyes keep locked on one another our breathing in sync and then all of a sudden with our bodies tensing our pleasure comes to a head my hands dig into his shoulders it's all i can do to keep from screaming out. My lips bitten his mouth on my breasts sucking them. This is a confessional to remember
Russiantsarina00 Russiantsarina00
22-25, F
Sep 9, 2012