Trucker Tease

Total fantasy story once again.. to show how warped my mind is... lol

It was going to be an exciting trip... I had never done the drive from our house to the condo we own on the beach by myself... but we were having some work done on it and someone had to be there. My Husband couldn't get off work to go with me (yeah right) and the kids had things of their own... But that was okay.. Actually I looked forward to my solo road trip. To make matters even better; my son told me, Hey Mom... Take my car! You'll have fun.  Now I drive a mini-van... typical Mom-mobile... But his car was this hot, red little convertible. YES! I felt like a teenager again and I didn't even mind the prospect of a 16 hour drive!

My husband gave me the lecture... Don't try to drive straight through... Don't stop at the rest areas especially if it's dark... Be careful when you get gas or stop for food... blah... blah... blah... But of course as I pulled out of the drive that morning all of that went right in one ear and out the other!  The drive went okay... As soon as the sun got it warm enough I pulled over and put the top down (the car... not mine!)  With my blaring radio and my hot little red car I zipped down the interstate singing to the cars and trucks around me and I didn't care if they thought my voice sounded like a cat squealing... Indiana sucked.. but it always does.  Kentucky is okay... and so on and so on.  Eventually... it because late afternoon and because it was in the Fall the sun was going down soon.  I should have listened to the Boss (husband) and pulled over and found a hotel... But hey... I'm a big girl now... I'm thrilled to be on my own and I really didn't feel like stopping (the 8 cups of coffee probably helped with that)...

It was somewhere on a southern interstate with the sun starting to glow red on the horizon that I saw the semi with Big Red Trucking on the cab. I switched lanes and went to pass but as I did this guy looked over and down at me... I mean.. LOOKED at me.  Suddenly... the truck sped up to stay along side with me.  I was thinking, "Hey buddy... what the hell!" when I saw him motion with his finger towards his chest.  I thought to myself.... HUH... totally clueless to what he wanted but then it hit me... He wanted me to flash him!  I actually laughed when I realized it but I shook my head NO and punched the gas... Soon he was left in my dust and I went back to singing. 

But before I knew how he did it, the truck pulled up along side of me again. He looked at me and smiled... then pointed to his chest again and nodded his head YES. I actually laughed and nodded NO. He pointed and nodded YES.  Why we do stuff we may not understand. But a crazy thought went through my mind. Instead of hitting the gas and losing him, I slowed and pulled in behind him. Then with a move that would have made Houdini proud, I managed to squirm out of my bra; I pulled it off from under my shirt and tossed it on the floor. But now would I have the guts to do it.  The road was fairy deserted for an interstate (Fall and during the week probably helped that).  So, with a sudden tinge of excitement rushing through my body I now swerved over into the left lane and pulled up next to my new trucker buddy.  When he looked... I nodded YES. Then steering with my knees I slowly unbuttoned the front of my white shirt.  One button, two, three, four... then  the wind took it and my shirt blew wide open! So there I was; rolling down the interstate at 70, with my shirt open and my **** hanging out; my nipples so hard and excited I could poke somebody's eyes out; and a horny trucker now so thrilled and excited that he hit his horn and then motioned for me to pull over.  Teasing is one thing; pulling over is another.  I smiled... shook my head NO, blew him a kiss and stomped the gas. My little red convertible exploded down the road and soon that trucker and his Big Red Truck were nothing more than a memory as I fixed my shirt and flew down the road.

An hour later I was still driving but I had to pee.  When I saw the blue sign for a rest area up ahead my husband's warning wasn't even on my mind.  It was now dark, but it was still evening and it was a big rest area.  What could go wrong.  So I hit the flasher and rolled off the exit.  Plan was to stop, pee and be back on the road in nothing flat.  But plans don't always go as planned.

I think what surprised me was when I pulled in the place looked deserted. There was only one truck in back and one car out front and as I pulled in, that car backed out and left. So what... I jumped out and ran to the bathroom... Men/women.. it doesn't matter.. When you gotta pee and finally find the place.. It feels sooooooo good!  I did my business, fixed my windblown hair in the mirror and kind of giggled because with no bra and my white shirt, my nipples were still very visible to the world.  Good thing nobody was there.  I walked out of the bathroom thinking I might hit the vending machines when my eyes saw something that froze me in my tracks.  There... in the back lot where the blue truck had been a minute before, was a different truck, and this one had BIG RED TRUCKING on the side!  Panic engulfed me when I realized that trucker had caught up with me but that was nothing compared to the shock the rushed through me when a mountain stepped in front of me!

A big man... no... a huge man stood in front of me. My husband is 6'5"...This man was bigger.  Boots... jeans... flannel shirt and a Cowboy hat!  I tried to step around him... he blocked me... I tried the other side.. he blocked me again.  I froze in terror as I looked up into the smiling face of the beast in front of me... And then with a drawl he said, "Hey Baby... I love your ****!" I looked around frantically... Help Attendant!...Where's a cop when you need one!  Where the hell is that old couple that you always run into at Rest Areas!  Nobody... It was me and him.  I tried to be tough and ordered, "LET ME PASS!"  He laughed... and answered... "Or What!"  I was scared!  He leaned down towards me and said, "So Honey... You think you can tease and get away with it! That's just not right!"  I thought about running but I knew he would simply run me down.  His hand reached out and touched my chest... I stepped back against the wall scared shitless.   He leaned close and said, "You're a tease... and teases need to be taught a lesson! Don't you agree!" I thought about screaming... but what was the use.   With a dry mouth a I asked... "What do you want?"  He laughed and told me... "I Just want you to be nice... that's all!"   He told me, "Let's take a walk to my truck!"  I shook my head NO emphatically.  He looked at me and said, "Relax... I'm not gonna hurt you!  In fact the women I've been with like it!"  I froze... My mind raced... Then he looked around and said, "Ok... No truck!  But that picnic table back there will do just fine!"

He walked me toward this picnic table back by the trees in the shadows that made it almost impossible to see it.  He held my arm firm enough that I couldn't get away but not so much it hurt.  I tried another tactic... "Please... I'm a wife!  I'm a mom! You can't do this!"  He answered.  "A wife and a mom huh... Well Baby... All that means to me is that you know what to do with a ****!"  There was no way out; no escape.  I made a desperate offer; "I'll suck you... okay?"  He laughed and told me... "Okay Baby... You are definitely gonna  suck me!" 

He pushed me down so I sat at the table and then he stood right in front of me with his back towards the parking lot. I looked around... "Where the **** is everyone!"  But then I heard him unfasten his belt and my eyes riveted in front of me. It almost seemed like slow motion as I watched him undo his belt, unbutton his jeans and pull his zipper down.  And then, as he slid his pants slightly down I think I might have actually exclaimed, "Holy ****!"  The **** that came into view wasn't like any **** I have ever seen.  Well maybe, but not in person; maybe in some of those **** movies my husband would bring home. It was big; it was thick and it started grow right in front of my eyes!  It sounds dumb but it soon got so big I almost expected to see Acme or Goodyear painted on the side!  The smell of his genitals filled my nose.  His **** grew in front of my face.  I forgot about the world around me as my eyes locked on it.  I saw a clear bead of precum glisten on the head. Then above me I heard a drawl tell me, "Suck it babe!"

I'm not sure if I leaned towards him or he leaned towards me, but I felt his **** touch my mouth, slide between my lips and press down on my tongue.  It was massive; it was hot; it felt heavy, it filled my mouth.  I began to suck, no longer was I being forced.  I suddenly wanted this man's **** and I closed my lips tightly around it. I didn't care about the world or that we might be seen. It didn't matter.  I grabbed the base of his shaft and was shocked to realized I couldn't close my hand around it. My tongue licked the shaft and when it slid across the head I tasted the slight saltiness of precum on my tongue.  He pulled back and told me to get on my knees.  Still holding his **** I slid off the bench and knelt in front of him. I opened my mouth as he leaned towards me and allowed his **** find it's home in my mouth again.  He placed his cowboy hat on my head telling me, "There... Cowgirls suck **** the best!"  For some reason that really turned me on and I went to work furiously on his shaft.

It was insane that such a thing could happen.  Just a few minutes before I was scared of this man. But now I had his **** in my mouth and I wanted him to ***!  I worked it, sucking and licking the best I knew how. My husband would have *** already but he was different.  Eventually, I had to stop. I pulled my mouth free and used my hand to jack his **** in front of my face.

It was then that he bent and picked me up as easily as if I was a child and set me on the picnic table.  Neither of us spoke, we didn't have to.  I frantically unbuttoned my jeans as his big hands grabbed my waistband and yanked my jeans and panties down.  I laid back and let him ***** them off my legs and then throw them over into the grass. He yanked my legs apart and pulled me towards him, sliding me across the picnic table until my butt was half off the edge. He lifted my legs high, bending them back over my head and he looked down into my face between my spread legs.  His hips moved, I felt it touch me and then I'm sure my uncontrollable gasp could be heard all the way out on the interstate.  His penis invaded me, it stretched me. You hear people talk about their eyes rolling in their head; I'm sure mine did! My back arched as I felt it deep inside of me. He leaned into me until I felt his balls press against my ***. And then he began to **** me!

At first his thrusts were slow but deep.  But like an engine gaining steam, they gained speed and power; they because faster and harder.  My gasps filled the night; my breathing was hard and labored; short gasps for air mixed with moans and groans. I realized my shirt was wide open; how had he down that, I didn't know but my **** flopped back and forth with each powerful thrust. I came so hard my squeal could have woken the dead. I head him drawl, "That away baby... *** for me!"  I came the second time after just a few more powerful thrusts.  He then drove it in hard and deep; he leaned down on top of my body. I felt his body shake and spasm. His growl of ecstacy filled the night as I felt his *** fill my *****.  I then held him tight as the most powerful ****** yet ravaged my body!


He rubbed my thigh gently as we layed in the sleeper compartment of his truck and I called my husband.  I told him that yes, I had decided to stop for the night and he seemed pleased by my decision. He told me to be careful driving and to have a GOOD night. I reached over and grabbed my new friend's big penis and felt it once again start to grow in my hand. I smiled as I assured my husband that I would indeed... have a... good...night!

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...great story, now to do it for real -

boing! great story!

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Wow. Excellent, Diane!! Got me hard.

I was a bit worried about posting this one because of the rape/forced theme

IDK why, it's less 'rape' than the mall story......
Here you wanted it.......... and, Mmmmmmmmm !

The perfect ending, too! You write very well. ( I bet CH 2 can also be good....)

You can come tease me anytime you like