Earning A Taste

For Kidcurry92, who’s ruthless and cruel (and maybe a bit tender too) – one day I will earn that taste!!

*Crawls over to you and that big hard **** you have waiting for me* you smack me in the face with it a few times, telling me I'm such a worthless **** hole you're not even sure I deserve to get such a nice treat! Please Sir, please?? I beg, willing to do almost anything for a taste!

You’ve never let me have a taste. Every time we've been together so far you haven’t felt I've deserved it and have instead chosen to *** all over my ****, *** or any other part of me instead. “Don’t screw up this time you worthless *****!” I chant silently in my head, I so badly want a taste!!

Hmmm...you think about it for a minute before grabbing me by my hair and dragging me over to an ottoman, yanking me across it so I'm lying on my back with my head hanging down over the edge. “Keep your arms down at your sides and don't move at all” you tell me. Positioning yourself in front of me and grabbing the sides of my head you start ******* my mouth.

With the way I'm positioned you get your **** so far down my throat I gag and then can't breath, but I don't move or fight it knowing you want me to stay as still as a doll. Over and over you slam your **** into me, ******* my mouth just as hard and un-forgivingly as you would my *****. At one point you push your **** in deep and hold it there, watching the panic in my eyes as I’m unable to breath and just as I’m on the verge of moving and fighting you pull back out. Very quickly large amounts of drool are running down my face, into my hair and keeping you sopping wet. Oh hell yea! I love being held down and used like a **** toy! My *****’s so wet at this point you could if you tried I bet you could get both fists in without any trouble!

In and out, in and out, I lay there as still as can be. Finally, I feel your **** start to swell and I can feel you're getting close, and I realize you're still ******* my mouth, you haven’t stopped! I get so excited I start to fidget just a tiny bit anticipating that hot, salty treat down my throat.

Suddenly there is a loud SMACK! as you reach down and smack my *** and nipple as hard as you can, leaving a red hand print right across the front of it. DON'T....*SMACK* you hit the other one just as hard, MOVE! I would have gasped in pain but at the same time you smack me you ram your **** deep down my throat cutting off my air once again. Resisting the panic rising in me I force myself to stop moving and hold stock still. You reach down and grab hold of each breast, squeezing them as hard as you can as you thrust yourself hard in and out of me a few more times. I'm on the verge of (silently) screaming when you pull out and *** all over my face. I'm fighting for everything I'm worth not to move as the *** goes up my nose and down into my eyes and you cruelly give each nipple a twist one last time...
Trestia Trestia
41-45, F
2 Responses Nov 26, 2012

DDDDAAAAAMMMMMMNNNNN!!! that's a good story. Whoever this guy is must be pretty cool :P

LOL! :)

Don't ever dissappoint me ok?

You know I always try my best not to ;)

Sometimes your best is just PLAIN AWFUL!

LOL :P - well then guess you better start training me better! ;) hehe....

oh don't you dare turn this on me. Email me now **** lol

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No doubt you have pleased your master! Nice story.

No doubt, and thank you :)