Rigth after Kandy and I were married we fantasize about her performing at stag-party.Since in High-school Kandy was labelled a party girl and a nymphomania.The boys from Central High love to invite Kandy to football games and party knowing that after a couple of drinks she would peel her clothes off and entertain the boys in more way than one.After High school Kandy lost touch with most of the boys.On a few occasion we run in some of the boys still in town and they would always mention the good time they had with Kandy.That s when we came up with the idea for Kandy to perform at stag-party.We decide to solcit the help of our friend Werner to get this project of the ground.On his way to work as a barman in town he stop by the house.We inform Werner of our idea and could he help us with it.He said he would and before he left we showed him a douzaine or so picture of Kandy naked or just with nylon and garterbelt and a smile.We also explain what Kandy would like to do at the partys.Werner was looking at the pictures and then at Kandy with a big grin on his face and a big lump in his pants.On his way out Werner said he would see what he could do for us.But shorty thereafter we moved to the west coast.But we made things up in Vancouver.You can read about that in my other storys.
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Another sad ending...

I'm sure she would be very popular at a stag party.

My wife used to perform a Stag Partys. Great times.

At our school we had about 40 boys on our football team
I don't think my would have lived through that...

Sounds like you to have a great relationship, I like Kandis style.

Mmm since I live here in Vancouver I would definitely love to hear what happened out here