My First Black ****

It starts out all 3 of us sitting around chatting laughing drinking when I lean over and ask if you and your friend want to **** a tight white russian *****. You seem shocked at first but only briefly, you smile at your friend and tell him how I want to see a black **** I have heard so much about how they are bigger and better than a white guys'. He looks like we are joking and I get up dropping my skirt leaving my white lace thong panty and unbuttoning my soft pink cashmere sweater revealing perky round white porcelain breasts. As I slide it off my nipples become hard as the cool air hits them. I see you lick you lips hungrily I straddle you and ask все еще думаете, я шучу? You look confused and I just laugh as you hands roam up my legs to my *** your eyes drinking in my breasts I stroke your lips outlining them with my finger before planting my lips on your neck I hear you moan and smile as I continue down I can feel your hard black **** in your pants wanting to be unleashed and how my ***** wants it ******* me filling me up. Pleasure creeps up my spine as you rub me through my panties and I let you know it by pushing my hips slightly forward. You like it you ask huskily da I reply shyly. You push me off you and lay me down taking off my thong with your teeth and parting my legs to see my bare wet *****, you lean down on my your body pressed against me your mouth on my breasts kissing my nipples sucking them teasing them with the tip of your tongue. I undo your belt and unsnap your pants pulling out your 8inch fat black **** I take it in my hands as you slip your shirt off and pull your pants down off your ankles you wrap your hand around mine and show me how to jack you I can hear your moans of pleasure yah baby that's it. It feels so good I whisper, wait til it's inside comes your reply you let go of my hand and lay back I straddle you bringing the tip to the very opening of my tight pink slit, I rub the head back and forth on my swollen **** I can feel the wet tip of your precum, and slide the head in my tight hole, I hear your hiss a sharp breath intake and my fingers grab your shoulders from pleasure. Slowly I lower myself down on your black **** your hands on my hips pushing me down greedily **** that **** you say bouncing my *** up and down making me scream in pleasurable delight. Ah baby ya **** daddy's **** you like daddy's **** in you I can feel you pushing up in me your body growing tight under the strain of ****** ride me **** me you growl I lean down on your chest pushing my breasts against your chocolate skin and start to swirl my hips around on you pushing that **** deep in my ***** up and down my *** goes like a jockey riding a stallion horse. I see your face contort in pleasure as your ****** is building, without warning you flip me over and start to pump me full of your thick black ****, pushing my face down your balls slapping furiously against my *** your hands hard against my hips pumping into me, I reach down and start to play with my **** your **** feels so good inside me, I'm about to *** make this **** white with *** you command as you fill me with yourself I can feel you spill it in me as my ***** tightens and spasms rocking my body with ******. You collapse against me for a moment before rolling off , we both didn't notice your friend who watched the entire thing, he comes up behind me and says my turn but you gone ride my **** and let me spray my *** all over your body and your gonna swallow his........time for round 2.
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this black **** will **** you good.

wow very hot..mmm very very hot.