Pure Seduction

(I'm a fan of seduction there is something to this art form here is a story about it)
It starts early in the morning I awake before you and start to shower, which wakes you up, you come in and find me drying myself off with a towel going down my freshly shaven legs watching me rub the little droplet beads of water off me. I give you a quick peck on the cheek as I brush past you my soft alabaster white skin touching yours for the briefest of moments, I start to rub my body with lotion as you can't help but watch and I know you're watching so I do it with extra care, I slowly slide on my sexy panties and hell a girl wants to feel special so I add some stockings and a garter, your jealousy is riled who could I possibly be doing this for? You let it go not saying a peep but I see you eyeing me out the corner of your eye. I put on my bra slowly one arm at a time turning my back to you could you help me I ask casually playing it smooth, how I love the touch of your fingers grazing my back, I smile lightly relishing the touch. I continue to get ready for the day applying my "natural" nude make up look and having soft curls in my hair. I wear vintage style wide bottom white cream colored pants that are tailored to show off my curvaceous butt, and a black satin button up top, I give a spritz of your favorite perfume so as to give just a hint of fragrance and I'm out the door. The morning flies by and we are to meet up for lunch, I keep you waiting about 15 min but do inform you I will be late all part of my "game", I smile warmly as I greet you kissing you lightly before sitting down we order and I make small talk flirting lightly with you caressing your hand and what not. I take off early and rush home to freshen up and slip into something more comfortable, a mermaid-eqsque soft peach gown that is low back and a sweetheart neckline. I make dinner reservations at your favorite restaurant,  and call you to tell you to meet me there at 8. A few touch ups and some added glam for a dramatic effect and I'm on my way to meet you, dinner is flawless and after I suggest we take a walk like lovers in Paris, which you willingly oblige me. I ask you what do you think is the one mistake women make? You come up with your own answer I turn face you and come real close whispering to you would you like to know my opinion I ask sweetly yet with a tone of seductiveness, I see your eyes flicker with light and amusement, you raise your eyebrows well I say dropping my voice low I think it's because they don't appreciate him as the words escape my lips my arms trail up your hands and rough biceps, they don't tell him how much he means to them I say outlining your lips and trailing down your chin, your neck to your chest, they get so wrapped up I pause coming closer pressing my body to yours in being equals with men they forget how to be feminine my breath is hot on your neck now and I can tell your excitement shall we call it an evening love? I already know the answer is yes, you know what awaits you. In the car on the way home I begin to tell you how great a guy you are how lucky a girl is to get someone like you once in their life and that tonight for the first time in my life I want to make love not just sex not ******* but actual love making as I slide my hand up your thigh. We arrive home in what I should say is record time, and you carry me to the bedroom where you lay me on the bed and begin to kiss me passionately I return the eagerness of your kiss as our hands begin to explore one another, we utter words of passion to one another as I begin to undress you I push you to the side as I slide of the bed I turn slowly around and ask if you will unzip me teasingly I slink out of my dress revealing nothing underneath, your eyes are like that of a kid in the candystore with his first allowance you drink in my body as I walk towards you pressing my hands on the bed I kiss you softly and deeply long and slow you lay down pulling me to you as my lips trail down, your body over the hard lines and curves of muscles I can hear your soft groans of pleasure and anticipation. My body is shaking inside wanting you to possess all of you to drink you in, but not yet. I continue my kisses until it is to much to take I part my thighs as I climb on top of you sliding you into me a gasp of sheer indulgence overwhelming me.................. 
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great great detailed story i must say.