Wedding Day ****

Ah it's finally arrived and I'm the blushing bride as it were, everything was in place but like any bride I needed a moment to myself so as I sit looking in the mirror I hear a knock on the door who should I find to come a knockin at this time of the hitchin but my soon to be father in law is everything ok he asks. Just nervous I sigh about what the wedding haha no God no I laugh after.........he nods knowingly what if I'm not good? or kinky? I think maybe we should have tried it out before hand I admit he pats my hand reassuringly well you know you could take a test drive on an older model he says I look astonishingly at him and he smiles coyly. Kiss me he dares I timidly lean in for a kiss and am met with the most hot heated hungry kiss of my life my body feels like it's on fire the desire piercing through me is WHITE HOT he takes my hands and lets me feel his rock hard **** through his trousers which excites me even further, we break the kiss breathless, so he asks want to take a test drive? I could say no to temptation but the flesh is weak and I nod all to enthusiastically my gown is a simple old hollywood style gown so I'm out of it in no time and he undoes his pants and shirt , he lays down and I straddle him, while he plays with my breasts and rubbing my **** his touch is that of a finessed lover he knows how to take my breath away the pleasure his fingers are bringing me is almost to much to bear before I know it he's easing me on to his manhood the pain is horrible but only for a few seconds before I'm firmly seated upon his ****, he starts to guide my hips and the movement makes endorphin's soar through my body, I'm at the peak of bliss and he is pushing me over as he is starting to thrust in me I can feel his lips on my skin and then my body stiffens my head falls back before my lips lock in on his my hips have their own rhythm now as ****** overtakes me. As soon as I am done he flips me to my stomach and drives himself deep into me before spilling into me. We both relax before he helps me back into my dress and I thank him for the lesson I'm sure his son will soon appreciate. 
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2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

You should definitely present your husband with a baby brother or sister. He will be so thrilled and love you forever.

hahahaha I would pass it off as his, with only me and the REAL father knowing :).

That's the right way to do it, and I'd say that regardless of whether I'm your husband or your father-in-law. mmmm.

oh my, you would have a very happy family. ****** is the best.