Cross Cruise

I had this 1 the other night.went on a cruise with a girl I didn't know it was a femdom cruise. she put me panties bra and heels as soon as we were on boardthen she threw my mail clothes over the side of the shipI was in a little startled by this but what could I dowe went to the first dinner and everyone was there while we sat at our table she said to me before you leave this ship you will learn to love sucking c*** and I mean love. not too long after that a man came over and she looked at me and then and then me and nodded. Well she said let's get started. Before I knew it I was on my knees and sucking him off. After I finished she said well how did you like it.if you tell me you didn't I will call you a liar and I will make you suck c*** until you tell me the truth. I thought about this and realize there was nothing could say to avoid the inevitable.I told her I didn't want to suck any more c*** and she just laughed. You will she said and not only that you will suck every c*** on this ship before you leave. The next day the first man we came to she asked if he would like me to give him a b******* . I blushed beat red has he nodded and smiled. The next thing I knew I was back on my knees and his c*** was in my mouth.I wanted to resist but strangely I was getting turned on.this worried me because I knew she had more in store and I was afraid I would like it more and more.after he came in my mouth I stood up and she said now listen to me from now on every man you come in contact with you will ask you can give them a b****** .I gasped at the prospect and found it strangely intoxicating.that day I had sucked almost every **** I had seen. By the end of the cruise it just seems natural to me that the first words I would speak to a man would be may I suck your **** sir.the strange thing was I look forward to we exited the cruise ship for the last time we came upon a strange man and I felt compelled to ask him. Then I realized where I was and I blushed beat red Wow my own c*** became ragingly hard.
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Wow, what a great fantasy......

Very sexy

Wish it were true