We had been involved in wife swapping and MFM's for 17 or 18 years when I watched as she seduced and ****** a 17 year old boy, who was a close friend of our sons. She was 41 at the time. I have fantasized for years about her participating in a ******** with several teenage boys at least one being black. She had never had a black **** inside her. I would love to see it happen.
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I would love to see that

I also wanted to have black **** my wife, we talked about it severl times but could not find one who would fit our conditions, the young ones w bearing and smart *** types

My wife would love a young lover and I would love to watch

so why no photos of your beauty?

the closest she ever came to a black guy was and indian guy,was a limo driver for dau wedding,

He was 23 when she was 45. And he was black. Also, he was an athlete and she said had the best body of any man she had ever been with. So it was the perfect fantasy fulfilled.

I have had great sex with several black females as well as Japanese, Chinese, Pakistani and Philipino but my now old and cold wife has not and would never consider sex with a black or any race except white. A fantasy would be to have 2 black teenage males break in on us (agreed to ahead of time), guns in hand, and force me to watch as they tore her clothes off, squeezed her boobs and pinched her nipples as she's screaming and cursing all the while. Then force her to her knees and demand that she suck the big hard black **** that in her face. She doesn't ask me to "do something" because she know I can't. But I'm asking them to please don't hurt my poor wife while I'm loving every minute of it. When she refuses, they inflict enough pain so that she opens her mouth to have the big **** rammed in it and told to give it a good sucking or they'd kill her. She complies and then sucks it until he fills her mouth with *** which she is forced to swallow. She takes the next one without complaining. As soon as he **** and she swallows, they demand that she lay on the floor and spread her legs wide. They get on each side of her, bite her nipples and pull hard on her ***** lips. The first one is hard again. He gets between her legs, lines his **** up with her ***** and rams it in to the hilt causing her to scream. He ***** the hell out of her until he **** again followed by the other one. They force her to go get them a beer. She does with *** running down her legs. After they finish their beers they bend her over the arm of the sofa and **** her in the *** which she also hates. I'm enjoying seeing her being forced to do things that she would never voluntarily agree to do.

I wouldn't mind doing your scenario if it was role playing.

No need for violence or fear....just get her some Ambient,give them some viagra,you smoke a good spliff.......and you can all sit and have a civilized cocktail until everything starts to get hot......better to see a willing wife than a *****-matted-haired,crying,pleading wife with tears running down her mascara stained cheeks as she gags,chokes and splutters on a fat black **** being forced down her bubbling throat as her hands paddle thin air during a rough *** splitting sodomy by an insatiable black stud who has a **** the size of your wife's forearm.........her screams and muffled moans have the police check on you....then three guys dash out of the back door as the two tall officers walk in to see your wife's gaping orifices.....she crawls towards them with an immense feeling of relief,yet it is short lived as one begins prodding her dripping anus with his huge black trungeon as the other handcuffs and blindfolds her,(They're not real policemen,but that's your secret!),..........her garglings can be heard across the room as one officer forces his three fat fingers down her throat,as if he was preparing her for a real gagging session......you've never seen your wife in such a mess,nipples hard and spasms as she ******* every 10 minutes,squirts uncontrollably into your face as you try to comfort her battered ***** with your mouth..........the next morning you both awake,she's splayed on the sofa and you in your favorite armchair.....the sunrays splash onto her rounded buttocks....you click your fingers,she awakes.....slowly she crawles towards your mega-hard morning **** and simply engulfs it to the hilt,saliva dribbles down between your tightening balls and you look down at your new wife........she's a real **** now,the one you dreamt of all those years.....her skin is warm,her eyes sparkle as she giggle up to you and swallows all that *** that has built up over the night that you've just ********** into her now over willing throat!

You are no longer a HornyOldMan......but you're now a DirtyOldPervert.....and she knows it!

Yes! I'm a very Dirty Old Pervert. I believe that with her fear and force is necessary the first time to break her down. She then would know she's a black **** loving ****. I tell her that a nice normal housewife would never achieve the ******* that she did if wasn't loving it. And would spit out their *** instead of swallowing it. I tell her later in the week that I've invited the lads back for a repeat performance and that she will do whatever they want without question. The doorbell rings on Saturday night. She answers it to see two smiling black teens and invites them in. We exchange hello's. One takes her in his arms and kisses her. She flinches slightly. I know that his tongue has invaded her mouth. After a long , hot, wet kiss they break apart and she turns toward the other one. The same hot kiss for him. The first one then says, "Get naked hot mama" and she starts unbuttoning her blouse. The video I've set up has been rolling from the time the door opened.

I too admit to being a Dirty Old Pervert!......and to have these thoughts about our darling ladies is in fact an aphrodisiac,a wonderful stimulant to usher other females into our dark caves of fantasy and fetishes....obsessions that glisten with saliva and excretions......as if our ladies knew that we were authentic Polygamously orientated men.....we need other women to balance the intense love we have for the one woman we've chosen.....because our libidos are simply too much for her....she pushes us out into the teaming pit of temptation.....cheeky stares,wafting perfumes.....the clickety click of high heels on polishes marble.....the high pitched giggles as groups of women chat...bright red lips loom out from the crowd.......our heads spin as we look down to see our ***** engufed by a frothing mouth,her eyes look up at us filled with tears as the volcanic rush of hot ***** hurtles into the back of her throat........why oh why can't this be with the one I love?........who cares!,get dressed and don't be late for dinner with the inlaws....and wash up otherwise we'll be smelling of hot sex all through the polite conversation during the endless dinner!

Your scenario is SO much better than my fantasy. It's unbelievably awesome!

Wow, that really sounds good.

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Wife sounds great, is she still sexually active?

Hell no. Dammit! She started cooling off in her late 40's and now is as cold as an iceberg. But I sure haven't. My wife is not the only one with a ***** on her. I've been involved with a much younger, beautiful, married black female for several years. We have wonderful times together.

That's the way to go when she gets cold.

I will not go without as long as I can still function. That's a fact!

Good for you!....I have the same problem now....no! not my lady....but all the other wonderful women that I have to **** to retain my sanity of being pushed away when all I want to do is love her......so now I have too many potential lovers,it's fantastic!
But I think it's because they know I'm attached that I'm more attractive......no fear of me turning up with my suitcases........finally,perhaps a frigid wife is a Godsend.....what a great excuse to get my **** sucked as I like it to be sucked....morning,noon and night!

Now that is an encouraging approach....I need tactile contact like oxygen....when my lady pushes me away it's like giving me a ticket for a brothel.....red lights flash as siren go off and I call any woman that knows my need....we link up and ravage her until I'm exhausted.....but I could've done that at home!

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What are you waiting on?

Was he a virgin, and needed some verbal coaxing, self-touching by your wife.....? that would be exciting to witness.

No, the 17 year old was not a virgin but he had only been with a couple of teenage girls. He needed a lot of verbal coaxing and some touching by her. He has very hesitant because he had never had the mother of any of his friends openly offer herself to him and especially with the husband looking on and encouraging him. He had never been inside a real **** craving older *****. I am sure that it was the best he'd ever had. I would love to watch her play with a virgin ****, give it it's first suck and then guide it into her hot wet *****.

I guess he did not say a whole lot then once his hesitancy was shed, and he had performed for both of you.....requests to play again, etc?

Once was it as far as I know. He was in our home with our sons frequently and there were always sexual banter going on as there had been but nothing else. I never knew what brought it on. It may have just been her being in the exact right mood, away from home at the beach with a good amount of alcohol is her.

that is really hot story would love to have that happen to my wife. she don't want to **** any more either, she ****** our friend for many years, she loved to suck his **** too.

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