A Little Fantisy About You.

You call which is surprising since I haven't heard from you in a month. My heart leaped for joy when you told me that you would be coming over soon to see me. I have been thinking of the kiss we shared since our last encounter. I wanted so much to have another kiss and so much more.

When you arrive, You realize that no one is home, that is when you lean down to kiss me as you put your arm around my waist and pull me towards you. I could feel you breath on my face as you lean in and slide your tongue inside my mouth. It was very passionate, long and deep. God how I loved kissing you. When you released me, you grabbed my hand and led me to the couch. You sat down and motioned for me to sit on your lap.

I straddled you and could feel you growing between my legs. You immediately pull me in for another kiss as we kiss I feel you slide your hands under my shirt to feel my breast. You start kissing my neck and working your way down to my breast. Relieved of my shirt and bra you could now concentrate on my breast. The way you licked and suckled my breasts was intoxicating. I could feel myself getting wetter by the second. I unbutton your shirt so that I can feel your skin next to mine. The warmth of your skin along with your breath and kisses on my body have my head swimming with joy and ecstasy.

I want to feel you inside me so badly that I can hardly stand it. I reach down and unbutton your pants you in return do mine. As we slide out of our jeans you lead me to the bedroom. Our clothes are scattered on the floor as we leave them to enter the bedroom. Always touching me your touch is like silk on my skin, making me want more and more.

You lay me down and tell me to close my eyes. I feel you gently take one hand and raise it above my head as you rub my arm and all the while you are kissing my body. You tell me to make sure that I keep my eyes closed no matter what, you make me promise. I nod for the words would not come out. I am laying in utter anticapation of you. You take my other arm and gently place it on top of the other. I feel something soft on my wrists. With eyes still closed I ask what you are doing, You respond by telling me that you don't want me gettting away and that I should just lay still. 

I can feel your breath on my body along with the kisses. You start at my neck again kissing then work your way down to my breast again lingering only for a moment  your hands always touching me rubbing. I feel them along my outer thigh along side my hip up to my breast. Kissing down my stomach , I peak as I watch you take care in what you are doing to me. I can feel the desire in your touch. 

You move hand towards my inner thigh and gently rub as I open wider for your touch. I can feel my juices dripping out as I am eager for you to touch me where I have not been touched in so long. You take your time as you tease me slightly careessing the place I so long for you to take.  Finally after much care your kisses land where I am so eager to recieve it. You slide one finger inside me and kiss my **** ever so sofly. The anticapation inside me is growing more and more by the second. I raise my hips to get you to go further inside.

Your tongue licking and you slightly suck my **** you finally go deep inside of my with now not one but two fingers. My pace quickens to match my heart.  I am close to the edge now. You realize that I am about to explode and go in deeper and faster to match my pace as your mouth is sucking and kissing my ****. I hear you moan as you are waiting wanting to taste my full explosion. I finally let loose.

You slide up to look at me and laugh as you tell me "I thought I told you to keep your eyes close". You undo my hands so that I may now touch your body as you slide yourself into me.  The pleasure you gave me I want to give you in return.

But that is another stoy...............................  



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4 Responses Mar 23, 2009

that was good!! more please

Very very sexy...

damn that got me hott, i wanna hear the other story

Very nice story , keep it coming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!