I Serve a Chocolate Feast

I have come to your town.. just to see you and there is no one else  at home... we start talking.. like the way we used to do on internet.... dirty and naughty... you undress partially and I am not showing more of me...you take my undearwear off saying i dont look cute in this and now you walk to the sofa swinging your *** and big beautiful breast.. 

i got a bottle of chocolate syrup from your kitchen while you are lying on the sofa in the living room, topless and in panties sheer and dry. You ask me what will I do with this syrup .. I dont say a word  and start  putting  it on your lips.. sides and bottom of your breasts and nipples like making an outline of your bra ..

then a straight line from your cleavage to the belly button and stop.... licking all this chocolate..starting from your lips... you lick some chocolate from your lips coating your tongue.. naughty you, so i am working on your tongue ...your tongue is soft and warm and you are pushing it hard on my tongue and not letting me lick it so soon, i love the way you play.. and your pinkish brown nipples are glittering with the chocolate coating ...  your 36D boobs are a lot of work to do... so i start with you navel and you start getting tickled and pushing up your round big lovely ***... i hold your waist with my big hands and smelling the chocolate on your stomach.. you are not able to resist and twisitng and turning.. I end up having some chocolate on my lips .. but finished licking all your chocolate but still your big breasts and erect nipples are covered with it... you offer me some time to rest and that you can clean the chocolate on my lips.. i lie down for some breath and you climb on top of me and start licking my lips.. your nipples touch mine and i have chocolate on my nipples.. you rush to clean it with your toungue.. but naughty you.. you are encircling your tongue on my small and stiff nipples .. teasing me and rubbing you juicy wet panty on my waist..  i am hard and horny .. i flip over and intrude your mouth using my tongue and licking your face and biting your lips...

i then start finishing the remaining task and licking the side of your right breast and pinching your left nipple.. you take my chocolate coated finger from your left nipple in your mouth and just keep on sucking.. i am licking the bottom of your right breast and pressing it hard too using one hand... i now jump to your left nipple and roll over my tongue...you are telling me to finish the right nipple first.. i did not obey you and continue moving towards side of left breast and the bottom ... silky and smooth... i leave the right nipple for you  to clean and now you leave my finger and trying to lick your right nipple.. i am kissing on your ears and teasing you when you continue to lick the thick and sweet chocolate on your nipple...i see your panties and they are wet and see thru .. i move my tongue from your cleavage to the navel and clean you of the chocolate slowly and neatly while trying to slide down your panties and explore your kitty ...

 to remind you .. i have never seen it and you have never described it till now... and now you  are telling me abt how it is and at the same time i am discovering it my self... the syrup is still not cleaned properly but you have another syrup flowing for me to be cleaned.. you take my finger and my long arms and wrap it around your breasts and rubbing your back on my hairy chest and rubbing your arse on my hard and fully erect 8 inch c0ck.. thick shaft waiting for chocolate syrup.. the bottle is in your hand.... what will you do next ?


Saturnguy Saturnguy
26-30, M
Mar 27, 2009