One Of My Fave

i am at a road side pull of just around dusk on a ruel country road. my rear tire has blown and i am putting on the old raged spair. after i am done i am taking a break and haveing a snak as i look over my map to get a good look at my route. as i sit on the old ragged picknick bench a nother truck pulls up and to guys get out. they both make there way to the edge of the woods to **** then walk over to were i am. they sit down to take a break themselves and we have some small take for a while. we get to talking and i tell them of my troubls and exsplane that i have to get a new tire because i still have a long ways to go. i tell them i barly have enough money to get were i am going, let alone buy a new tire. well they wish me luck and head back to there truck and start to leave. i notice they are just sitting there and after a few min one gets out and walks back over. he ask if i would like to earn some cash? i ask what he means and he said, you know maybe a blojob or some 2 on 1? i heasatate then say ok i guess.  he motions for his friend and he grabs a bottle of booze from the truck and comes over.  they tell me to have a drink or 2 so i can relax. i am very nervus and end up drinking most the bottle. soon i am pretty drunk and buzzing. they make there move and come around to my side and both drop there shorts.  i am so ****** up by now that i am actualy eager to get started. i take one **** in my hand and the other in my mouth and start to servous these guys.  both were very well hung and i did my best to trote them.  soon they were ******* away at my face. one of them pushes me down onto my back on the bench and tuggs my shorts off. the other is now standing over my face and droping his big **** into my mouth ******* my mouth hard and deep. the other now shoves my legs back and presses his big **** into my ***. they **** me hard from both ends for a long time. my tinny **** gets rock hard as they tease me of its small size. they get really rough with me and pin me down ******* me hard from both ends till first the guy **** hard and fully up my ***. shortly after the other guy grabs my face, holding it hard and shoots his load into my mouth. i *** all over myself while this is happing.  they throw down a wad of cash and leave quickly while i lay there ****** like a ***** and full of ***....... 

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3 Responses Feb 10, 2010

Thanks for that. Mine is very close, and I wish I could get paid for it, too.

Hee ... Hee ... not too far from mine! Hot fantasy!

that is a great fantasy