My Fantasies

I have a number of sexual fantasies, and one that I think about a lot is:

I am held down by two big men, and forced to suck one of their *****,

While I am sodomized by the other.

They are both so big, that my mouth is stretched as far as it can be.

And I feel i'm going to be split in half by the other man.

When I feel them finish in me, they are still hard, and they swap ends.

Pamken Pamken
41-45, F
31 Responses Feb 21, 2010

Great fantasy. I have the same abou two women- they have tied me to a bench, and take in turns to ride me.

Damn that is a hot one. If your avatar is really a picture of you, you look so innocent. That just makes this a hotter fantasy.

Awesome! Add me? Hope to talk soon :)

i have had fantasies about this with guys, and girls. and swapping rolls. read some of my stuff. i am interested in becoming friends on here with you.

You're beautiful and give great fantasies.

...looking @ ur pretty face whilst reading ur fantasy, gives me a stiffy...pls read my profile

That's pretty intense! Nice fantasy!

Nothing is sexier than knowing the dark secrets of a woman - other then making them happen for her..

i like to be fed with greasy fattening foods till my bely cnt hold anymore

Ummm let me find a friend!! LOL...awesome fantasie!

id love to be one of those guys xx

wild and loose thats the way you feel.

Never would have guess this fantasy would *** from you looking at your picture. You look so sweet and inocent to hear you talk about these hot wide things being done to you is such a turn on to me!

Very good fantasy.

Nice fantasy.

Oh yes Pam pretty in tense fantasy there wow please tell us more about that please thank you.

Can I join this fun with you I have A couple buddies that would jump at that chance to enjoy your body.

I will be damned, what a coincidence. I am fantasizing about is getting both your halves. :-)

I love your thoughts!

email me at or give me yours if you are into family fun

I'd like to be on the last too!

Obviously you've given this fantasy a lot of thought. I'm curious to know "why" you are interested in this? Are you currently in a relationship? Have you shared this with your partner? Is your day in day out life one of "control"? Just curious to your desire to be out of control. This is more than a *********, this is control issue. But it doesn't seem like you would resist. You would be an active participant. What is the attraction to pain? Please explain more.

Most certainly you can, Ifthndmacfrk, which end do you want.

If there is enough intrest in watching my fantasy take place.<br />
I will arrange it, and sell tickets.

I`d buy a ticket for that show! I like your fantasy, and I know its one that is shared by many ladies. Have you acted it out yet or is to remain a fantasy?

Hot to watch you get it that way!

*Points to the "Rape Fantasies" group*

Well, now your talking!!!

I surpose I could include another man in my fantasy.<br />
After all I have enough space left for one more.

Williemed, when you and a friend are ready, so will I be ready.<br />
Dorobo, you might talk to Willemed.

I guess I have to recuit a buddy!

Exciting ideas.