Long Road Ahead

Today I made the decision to pick up whatever I have left of me and work towards my new life, I'm somewhat broken from a hardship I should no longer be burden by however I can't seem to let go. Love is not easy to ignore and once its there its hard to block out. I'm moving forward for my son toward a better future in hope she will realise how hard I am willing to try to show her I'm prepared to do whatever it takes, i hope that one day she will love me again for who I am, I know. I have a long road ahead I know it won't be easy and I know I will be tested along the way. I'm doing it for us.. That is my drive,Will I still be driven by that same intent when I arrive at my goal? Writing down my feelings is helping me cope with how I feel its keeping me sane right now. Must be better then holding it inside. I love her so much she doesn't know... I will keep on posting
graham1984 graham1984
26-30, M
Jan 12, 2013