Used To Share Here.........

Some would say TMI is what I shared.

My sharing of my many life experiences growing up had two sides. It gave me a release. It helped in healing my heart and purging it all from my soul.

Of course in purging the likes of what was there also opened myself up to a lot of mental anguish and there were triggers just about every where I turned over the years.

I wrote of my past as well as issues in the now.

That's all well and good. Because the other side of that was the message I sent. That message was that even through all that evil and abuse which hardened my heart, left me with no compassion or manners.........there IS hope, you Can over come what ever haunts your heart and leaves you feeling you have no connection to your soul.

I used to try to help people find the way. Not through preaching the bible, not through drugs example maybe.

You will no longer read such from me here. E.P. is not worthy of me.As I was.
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1 Response Jul 24, 2012

the loss is definitely ours :(

thank goodness for that, still having you :) but i can understand your not wanting to share like you did before. even after 4 years here, i haven't shared all and probably won't.

ah i've spaced out checking out that site. will do.